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The jolly rumble of grinding beans, the bang-bang of a portafilter, the whoosh of steaming milk. We’d say you’ve just walked into your local café!


Espresso machines are the bread and butter of a good café experience – no coffee shop would be complete without one. That’s why you need an espresso machine you can rely on, and an expert barista team to help you master it. Well, we’re not just coffee suppliers – rent an espresso machine from Two Chimps Coffee and you’ve ticked both boxes, pronto!


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Espresso machines for expert coffee

Here at Two Chimps, we love to help small businesses grow. So, whether you’re a cosy café, a farm shop just getting off the ground or a restaurant looking for your next venture, we’ve got an espresso coffee machine for you. We rent out professional espresso machines from the world’s top brands: you’ll only find Rancilio, Expobar and Fracino machines here at the roastery, because we know they’re the best in the business. Expertly manufactured and highly efficient, all our machines can be used to make any espresso-based drink.

We’re climate positive here at the treehouse and believe less waste is the way forward. That’s why we recondition espresso machines and ensure they are fully operational before they make their way to you. We collaborate with a speciality espresso machine engineer to ensure all the components are seamlessly functional and the stainless steel is spick and span!

Buying an espresso machine is a massive outlay for your business, especially if you’re just starting out. That’s why renting is the ideal solution. You get a top-grade espresso machine for a fraction of the cost and replace staggering up-front payments with small monthly outlays you can manage. We rent out our machines at set prices for the first year and offer substantial discounts after that, helping you to keep costs down and invest more into your business.


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The whole kaboodle

You can’t bake cake without your spoon and scales; nor can you make great espressos without all the coffee equipment. That’s why we accompany all our rented machines with every bit of coffee kit you’ll need. From on-demand grinders to knock boxes, tamps and tamp mats, we make sure you’re ready from the word go. No more dealing with multiple suppliers or discovering that one part doesn’t fit another – we see to it all!


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And we really do mean all. As well as supplying your espresso machine and full barista kit, we will service your equipment annually and provide a boiler inspection certificate. Espresso machines also require a new water filter each year to prevent the build-up of limescale, but don’t worry, we’ll sort this out too! Running a business is full-on, and we know that filters and servicing won’t be top of your list – that’s why we put them top of ours!

But we don’t just stick to diary dates; we’re on hand whenever you might need us. Problems can’t wait, no matter how big or small, so we do all we can to resolve issues swiftly. From remote repair guidance to on-site visits, we’ll put a specialist member of our team on the case right away!


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Barista training you can understand

Our ongoing support service includes espresso machine training to help you and your staff make outstanding coffees with confidence. Our free barista training takes place at your premises and equips your team with all the skills they need to pour the best coffees time and again. Whether your customers pop in for coffee and cake or like to round off their meal with a smooth Americano, great coffee is integral to your customers’ experience. Make it the best with real barista coffee!


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Speciality coffees to set you apart

So, you’ve got an ace machine and all the knowledge, now you need some beans! We can help you select the perfect Two Chimps roast for you and your customers and even offer a bespoke blend service. Little and often is the way to go with speciality coffee, so we deliver to most of our wholesale suppliers every week. That way, you know you’re pouring the best, freshest coffee – coffees that will leave customers coming back for more!  We’re also happy to supply Two Chimps takeaway cups, A-Boards and 250g coffee bags to sell, helping you to create professional consistency throughout your business. Smart, sleek and 100% scrummy!


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Our Two Chimps rental service is the best way to a user-friendly, premium quality espresso machine that will be the focal point of your business. We’re a local team with a genuine passion for speciality coffee and can’t wait to help you take your business to the next level!

Interested? We’re always happy to chat, deliver some free samples or visit you at your premises. Just get in touch!


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