Fall in love this Valentine’s Day with our Ethiopian coffee!

04th January 2024

Say it with beans this Valentine’s Day!

Happy 2024, everybody! The start of the New Year marks the countdown to Valentine’s Day. Whether this is something you celebrate or find it a bit cheesy, our limited-edition Valentine’s coffee is something to get excited about. Red roses and a box of chocolates are so predictable, but this is everyone’s perfect Valentine’s date. At first sip, you’ll experience a tropical fruity body with a tang of lemon peach tea. Topped with sweet notes of elderflower, you are bound to fall in love with this brewtiful coffee!


You're Brewtiful Valentine's Coffee

Where’s this coffee from?

We source this uber-brewtiful coffee from Chelbesa, one of the finest coffee-producing areas within the famous Gedeb Woreda in Ethiopia. Compared to other origins, their coffee beans offer bright, clean and fruity notes when wet-processed. If they are naturally processed, like our limited edition Valentine’s brew, they are enriched with deeper fruity notes with rich undertones. The coffee trees are grown in nutrient-rich soil under protective shade cast by dense, layered semi-forest vegetation. This allows the cherries to grow and ripen slowly, enriching their pulp with sweetness. Chelbesa is an excellent example of sustainable farming working hand in hand with nature, also known as agroecology.

Agroecology is a progressive and remarkable process of farming. As a planet, we face multiple food production and system challenges due to environmental factors such as soil degradation, flooding, and biodiversity collapse. Intense farming techniques magnify these issues because our natural resources are exhausted with short-term gains. There is little consideration for long-term sustainability solutions that will benefit land, wildlife, and local communities. Agroecology, however, is truly sustainable, reducing climate impacts, supporting wildlife, and feeding growing populations a balanced diet. The farmers adapt their agricultural techniques to suit the local area and its social, environmental, and economic conditions.

What does it taste like?

This high-scoring speciality coffee has a tang like no other. With fruity lemon peach tea and the sweetness of elderflower, it will take you back to the flavours of your favourite sweet shop. In cupping this coffee, we were excited and drawn to these new flavours; it is like nothing we’ve ever had at Two Chimps Coffee, trust us!

What is the process from cherry to cup?

These top-notch beans are processed by SNAP Specialty Coffee, a company established in 2008 by coffee-passionate entrepreneur Negusse D. Weldyes. This brand focuses on consistency, selling only the best Arabica beans. They ensure the farmers are trained in processing and cleaning methods, safeguarding the environment through waste recycling systems—this sustains the future of coffee in these regions. Currently running three wet mills and partnering with three more across Ethiopia, our brewtiful coffee was processed at their wet mill in a small hamlet called Danche within the Chelbesa Village.

This mill was constructed in 2019 to purchase exclusively red cherries from the nearby farmers in Chelbesa Village. In its success, around 495 smallholder farmers now deliver their cherries to the mill. Coffee production in the area is high due to the fertile red-brown soil, which is iron-rich and has a high acidity content.

Once the fruit has arrived at the wet mill, they are sorted with the help of floatation tanks. This method separates all floaters (under-ripe cherries) from the perfectly ripe. This process also cleans the cherries with fresh water. This mill holds multiple ceramic fermentation tanks, which helps bring clarity to the coffee they process. The material also speeds up fermentation due to heat retained within the ceramic. Once removed, they are placed on raised African drying beds for 28-35 days. They are then removed, and the coffee beans are extracted from the cherry flesh, washed and sent to us at Two Chimps. Our expert roasters then extract all those wonderful, natural flavours.

Sounds heavenly, right? There’s no better way to get brownie points this Valentine’s Day than with this fruity brew!

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