Father’s Day Coffee Gifts: Dad’s the Word!

Scrolling for Father’s Day coffee gifts? Here’s your answer!


The Best (and easiest…) Father’s Day Coffee Gifts!

You’re doing so well. You’ve got halfway through 2022 and remembered every birthday, baby shower, neighbour’s hamster’s birthday… Then – pow! – it’s Father’s Day. Whoa, that came around quickly. I thought it was in September (it is, in Australia, at least).

So, now you’re looking for Father’s Day coffee gifts. And it’s got to be something good. Dad has been pretty awesome this year, and you want to make sure he knows it!

Coffee for Father’s Day? It’s coming right up!


Two Chimps coffee tin lid surrounded by roasted coffee beans




A Limited-Edition Coffee for Father’s Day

Each year, we source and roast a brand new coffee for Father’s Day. It’s always something special because Dad deserves no less, right?

But this year, we’re really excited. Like, really, really, REALLY EXCITED. Because this isn’t just coffee, this is Mar… super-exclusive Geisha Coffee!

We’ve named this dazzling coffee Dad’s the Word because no one can keep quiet about it. Those full-bodied toffee apple flavours are just too good to resist. Try a sip and see – you want to declare its awesomeness loud and proud, don’t you?

But it’s alright; you can… because mum’s not the word today!


Limited-edition Father's Day coffee sits beside Two Chimps coffee tin on its side with coffee beans



What is Geisha Coffee?

Geisha coffee is an uber-rare variety of arabica coffee. It originates from the Gori Gesha forest in Ethiopia and regularly scores 90 points or more on the coffee cupping scale. Blimey!

So, what makes Geisha coffee rare? It’s largely down to the specific growing conditions the Geisha plants need. Harvesting Geisha coffee is also an expert skill – farmers have to show the trees meticulous care and pick the Geisha beans at just the right time.

A farm in Panama rediscovered this prized variety in 2004, and it’s been stealing the limelight ever since. A good handful of countries grow Geisha now, but it remains rare. So rare, in fact, that there are the first Geisha beans we’ve ever had in the Two Chimps roastery!


Grab an extra (free!) treat for Dad – get him a handy Brew Guide Booklet! Just click the link and we’ll post one to your door, pronto!



FREE Brew Guide



Man hand-sorting dried coffee beans on a raised bed




Tell me about the Taste!

Geisha coffee tastes amazing. Out of this world. Coffee lovers worldwide hail its complex, fruity flavour and floral undertones. It’ll treat you to a stunning aftertaste, too.

Here at Two Chimps, we keep the roast of this Father’s Day coffee nice and light. This makes sure all the brightness and fruitiness in the Geisha beans can take centre stage. Because, oh boy, they certainly deserve to! We’d put them on The O2 if we could.

Let’s take a closer look at the tasting notes of this Dad’s the Word coffee:

  • Toffee Apple
  • Cherry Cola
  • Pineapple

It’s a checklist of everything Dad wants from his coffee. Toffee apple sweetness brings a satisfyingly full body, while notes of cheeky-tart cherry cola add a fresh finish. And then there’s the juicy, dribble-down-your-chin deliciousness of ripe pineapple. Awesome!




Behind the Scenes of Dad’s Coffee

Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia… Has Dad tried coffee from all the main coffee-growing countries?

We bet he’s never tried coffee from Laos!

Laos is a small, landlocked country in Southeast Asia. It’s famous for its waterfalls, historic temples and storybook scenery. But did you know it also harvests small lots of Geisha coffee? Groovy!

We sourced this Father’s Day special coffee from the Phetlamka Estate in Laos’s Bolaven Plateau. The Plateau sits up high in the country’s south and treats the coffee plants to their favourite conditions – think high elevations, a cool climate and rich, volcanic soil. You can practically see the Geisha plants smiling!


Close up shot of speciality coffee cherries





Get ‘Dad’s the Word’ as a Father’s Day Coffee Gift Set!

You can buy this quirky Father’s Day gift as a single bag, or treat Dad to this awesome Father’s Day Coffee Gift Set.

The gift set option includes:

  • 250g bag of Dad’s the Word coffee, wholebean or ground to suit his favourite device
  • 1x Two Chimps coffee tin
  • 1x Two Chimps magnet (great for keeping his Dad’s the Word brew label safe on the fridge!)

We hand-wrap Dad’s coffee gift in a smart presentation gift box and can add a personal message free of charge. Just let us know when you check out!

You came looking for coffee for Father’s Day, and are gonna leave with the tastiest, freshest, quirkiest gift set ever!

What a way to treat Dad!


Dad's the word coffee beside Two Chimps metal tin and magnet with sofas in the background



Don’t forget Dad’s FREE COFFEE BREW GUIDE! Get it today!


Head to the shop and get Dad’s Father’s Day pressie now!

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