First Roast Club – Coffee Subscription

23rd August 2023

Introducing our BRAND new coffee subscription, The First Roast Club.

Join us and receive a bag from the very first roast of every new coffee at Two Chimps hq!

Here at Two Chimps Coffee we roast ethically sourced, single-origin speciality coffee from all over the world. We aim to choose coffees from small producers and single farms to ensure it’s always, ethically sourced, super special, the best and truly unique.

With this in mind, our coffees do change from time to time and we have specials and limited editions throughout the year which also change. So new coffees are aplenty!

Roasted coffee coming out of the roaster

How does it work?

When you sign up, your first bag of coffee will be a bag of our most recent brew. This will arrive with a black and white Two chimps coffee tin and magnet for you to keep your coffee fresh and tasty.

Your subscription will then be paused and only activated when a new coffee has been roasted for the very first time.

Your subscription will state a frequency of monthly, however this will change depending on the timings of the new coffees.

Am I in a contract?

Nope, its still completely editable by you. Using your Two Chimps online account, you can change the size and grind and also cancel at anytime.

What will I get exactly?

You will receive a 250g, 500g or 1kg bag of coffee (depending on what you chose), ground to suit your brew device, or left in wholebean. Your first order will arrive with a tin and manget. All delivery is first class and free.

What if I don’t like a coffee I receive?

No problem – just call us here at TC hq, let us know your thoughts and we’ll suggest something instead. It won’t necessarily be the first roast of something, but it will still be freshly roasted and delicious!

Anything else awesome you should know?

Yes, your coffee is delivered to you with NO CARBON! Yes, that’s right, we have offset any carbon it took to get the coffee to us, roast it, pack it and deliver it to your door. You have no carbon guilt to bear. All of our packaging and bags are 100% recyclable too.

Join the troop