Five Reasons why your Office Needs a Coffee Subscription

Keep everyone’s mugs topped up with a speciality office coffee subscription!


You tumble out of bed, down toast and jam and head to work. You open the office door and are greeted by… the glorious scent of fresh coffee.

Ahhhh, Monday morning suddenly seems alright.

Latte in black cup and saucer besides stack of magazines and brown leather sofa


An office coffee delivery just for you!

No one functions well on sub-standard coffee. It’s the workplace must; the get-up-and-go elixir fuelling you from nine ‘til five.

But there’s a problem with many office coffees:

  • They always seem to run out
  • They never taste great

Let’s change this, shall we? Create a speciality office coffee subscription with Two Chimps, and look forward to fresh, full-bodied speciality coffee delivered straight to the office door. No hassle, no pesky small print – just great-tasting coffee everyone will love!


Sounds good, right? Then keep reading…

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Never run out of coffee again

Empty office coffee tins are never cool. They lead to bleary eyes and grumpy staff.

If empty coffee tins are a thing in your workplace kitchen, don’t worry. You’ve found your office coffee supplier! Set up a Two Chimps office coffee plan and enjoy regular deliveries of flavour-packed speciality coffee.

We post your coffee straight to your office , keeping things fuss-free for you and your team. No more quick sprints to the Spar shop now.

And don’t worry about tying yourself down with fixed deliveries. We give you a quick call each week to see how much coffee you need. Prefer to order the same amount each week, fortnight or month? No problem – we can create a fixed delivery plan just for you.

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An office coffee plan tailored to your team

No two teams are the same. Maybe you’re an office of all-out arabica addicts? Or maybe you just like a cup to get you going in the morning.

However they take their joe, you can create the perfect coffee plan for your team at Two Chimps. You’re in control of your subscription – you customise every part! Choose the…

  • The type of coffee
  • The grind size (we have six to choose from, depending on the type of brewer you use. We do whole beans, too!)
  • The amount of coffee you receive
  • How often you receive it

Need to make a change? Of course – just get in touch and adapt to suit!

Bag of Two Chimps coffee with espresso machine and portafilter in background


Great tasting coffee!

Your personal Two Chimps subscription means you always receive coffee that’s fresh and flavourful.

Because, you see, there are rather a lot of office coffee suppliers. But few of them roast high-scoring beans throughout the week.

We do! Because we know it brings you the great-tasting cups you deserve.

Two Chimps Coffee roastery


Here at Two Chimps, we source the finest arabica beans from small farms and estates worldwide. Our coffees are truly single origin. Other office coffee suppliers might source from one country (which can still lead to a medley of different beans); we select our coffee beans from specific, traceable growers. This means you can experience the full complexity in a really good batch of coffee beans!

But sourcing is only half the story. The roast comes next! Head chimp Andy roasts multiple times each week to guarantee the freshest coffee in every cup. Coffee is always best when fresh, and choosing freshly roasted Two Chimps means you’ll enjoy vibrant, full-flavoured coffee practically popping with scrummy taste.

Now, THAT’S how you get them through the door on a Monday morning!

Pouring coffee from a cafetiere into a red mug


Save money

Opt for Two Chimps and save the pennies! Because that’s always a good thing.

Each kilogram bag of freshly roasted Two Chimps costs £22.50. If you bought the same amount of coffee in single, 250g bags, it would cost you rather a lot more. That’s right – set up your very own office coffee plan with us, and you’ll save over £10 on your lovely coffee!

Fresh is best when it comes to coffee. That’s why we recommend flexible subscriptions rather than hoarder-style bulk buying. This is for toilet roll, tinned peas and not coffee!

But don’t worry, we still offer discounts based on average orders, so the penny saving keeps on coming!

Bag of Two Chimps coffee besides Bialetti moka pot and swan neck kettle


Reduce plastic waste

Choosing Two Chimps is a great way to meet your team’s eco goals. Wave goodbye to (overpriced) plastic takeaway coffees and say a big HELLO to top-tasting single-origin coffee. Ground just for you. Delivered to your door. Are you smiling? We thought so.

We see sustainability as non-negotiable. We’re determined to leave a healthy, resilient planet for future generations.



Keep reading to find out more about our speciality coffee subscriptions!


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