Five things you didn’t know about our new chimp

Hi, I’m Charlotte, and I’ve joined the troop as a Digital Content Marketer and Web-based Marketing Creative.


It’s a mouthful, I know, but more or less, I create the social media, write blogs and stick a camera in the team’s face, all in the name of content. Let’s dive right in with five things you should know about me!


New Two Chimps member- Charlotte


1. Ready, steady, BAKE!

When I first went up for this role, an essential hobby to mention was that I am a frequent baker. With the team’s ongoing joke being a bake-off between Amy and me, all I have to say is let the best baker win.


Making coffee buttercream

2. I am a witch.

Only kidding…or am I. Over the years, I have been referenced as a fictional character from the Harry Potter world, as my parents gave me the middle names Lilias and Gwendoline, which makes me Charlotte Lilias Gwendoline Dibble.

*pause for laughter*

Although these names have a logical origin, as they are my mum and grandma’s first names, I’m not convinced I needed both (a lengthy discussion brought about in my household). But hey, it always gets a couple of laughs and ticks the box when you need a fun fact about yourself.


3. No amount of cats is ever enough.

No hate, please, but I’m going to say it…I am a cat person. My family and I have two senior cats, Pumpkin Pie and Meg, with two more furry faces in the form of Ragdoll kittens recently arriving. Two little boys from the same litter called Hazelnut and Hugo. Although these boys have been the perfect addition to our family (yes, we have four cats), a rather funny story goes alongside their arrival.

When considering bringing a kitten into the house, we originally wanted to get one little girl, as it would cause fewer issues with the senior ladies of the house if they were all the same gender. However, my Mum also fell in love with a little boy, as he had such beautiful, unusual markings. It was then decided that we would get him and a little girl, whom we would call Hazel and Hugo. Surprisingly, once brought home, the kittens were met with little resistance from the older cats. However, when getting their vaccines a few weeks later, we discovered that sweet little Hazel was a boy! After the shock of this revelation, we decided to lengthen Hazel’s name to Hazelnut as we couldn’t break the habit, and we think he suits this name perfectly.


Two Chimps Coffee


4. I rarely get called by my first name.

For some reason, people constantly adapt my name after knowing me over a period of time. With a catchy surname like Dibble and a forename of Charlotte (which has many pet names within itself), I rarely get called Charlotte. Over the years, I have collected a rather substantial array of nicknames (brace yourself): Dibble, Dibbs, Dibbalatte, Dibblé, Dibb Dab, Dibbles, Dribble (not a favourite, I have to say), Dibbledabble, Officer Dibble, Char, Lottie, Lottiousnaughtious (my Grandad’s invention) Charmander, Char Char. With a new addition from one of our head chimps, Andy, ‘Vicar of Dibbleby’.


5. I’ve just graduated from University!

After 5 (long) years, this July, I graduated from Loughborough with a BA Hons in Graphic Communication and Illustration and two diplomas (woohoo). Why did it take me so long to graduate, you ask? Well, when I first joined Loughborough in 2018, I was completing a Foundation Year in Art and Design (diploma no.1). I then progressed on the GC&I degree, completing two years before taking a placement year in Liverpool (diploma no. 2). I then returned to Loughborough to complete my final year! Now, I am settling into working life at Two Chimps Coffee!



I think that’s enough about me. It’s time to return to the usual awesome coffee content. Speaking of which, give our blogs a read!


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