Fresh Coffee at Heidi Kjeldsen Jewellers

Fresh Coffee at Heidi Kjeldsen Jewellers


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Looking for a stunning piece of jewellery? Not only will you find a shop full at Heidi Kjeldsen Jewellers, but now you can have a cup of Two Chimps whilst you browse!

Based on Mill Street in Oakham, Heidi Kjeldsen has been known for their meticulous craftsmanship and bespoke jewellery since 1998. They offer everything from elegant diamonds to contemporary Murano glass jewellery and every piece is handcrafted to perfection. They even rework old or unworn jewellery; turning them into glorious bespoke pieces.


Heide Kjeldsen Jewellers Inside


The Coffee

As mentioned, on top of this, you can now have a cup of fresh coffee whilst you browse. Even more reason to pop into see Heidi and her team! The coffee served is a single origin freshly roasted and ground coffee. Made using a cafetiere, the fresh coffee on offer at the moment is a full and complex Colombian coffee. This coffee gives a real familiar kick in strength, whilst retaining its sweetness and full body. We are passionate about fresh coffee and therefore roast and deliver fresh supplies weekly to assure you of the freshest cup.

Heidi and her team have a real passion for customer service. Serving fresh coffee alone wasn’t enough for them. Consequently, with a quest to know more about the coffee and how it is processed and cared for, they came to one of our Coffee Schools to find out more. Whilst with us, they learnt how the coffee is processed, how it is roasted and tips and tricks to making coffee using an array of different devices.

In addition, if you are interested in getting schooled at one of our coffee schools,

get in touch now.

So, pop into Heidi Kjeldsen Jewellers to browse the stunning collection or to give your existing jewellery the VIP treatment.

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