Freshly roasted coffee at Eden in Grantham

Out and about in Grantham and fancy a glass of something special, a meal or even a cracking cup of coffee?

Look no further, Eden Wine Bar is for you.


Set in the heart of the bustling town of Grantham; Eden Wine Bar offers an elegant dining experience both at lunchtime and through into the evenings too.


eden wine bar in Grantham
Photo Credit: Richard Croft

Choose from their garden room which is light and bright, a historic bar area, or, if the weather is kind, sit outside in their courtyard. Wherever you choose, all make an excellent place for catching up with friends.

Want to sit and watch the world go by? Take a seat on their front seating area. Nothing beats sitting and relaxing while you watch the busy atmosphere of a beautiful town pass by.

Yummy Food

Not only do the team cater for your lunchtime and evening wishes, but they also host weddings, parties, christenings and much more! Want more? No problem;  find themed food nights, like Steak and Fish nights, along with festive afternoon tea (with mulled wine!) spread throughout the calendar.

food at eden wine bar in grantham

You can also accrue points while at Eden Wine Bar with their loyalty card scheme. Sign up online and collect points to receive discounts; happy days!

To add to their, already impressive offering; they now offer awesome coffee… yes, you guessed it, Two Chimps Coffee is in the building!

The Coffee

Through their two group espresso machine, you can choose a latte, cappuccino, flat white, americano, espresso or anything else that you may desire. Eden wine bar currently serves a smooth, dark chocolatey single-origin coffee from Central America which is super delicious with a pudding – or two!


espresso being ground


Our coffees are freshly roasted in small batches by hand from our roastery in Rutland; just a short distance from Eden Wine Bar in Grantham. We deliver to the Wine Bar each week to ensure that they always have the freshest coffee possible.

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we only roast speciality coffee – the good stuff! Speciality coffee is 100% Arabica coffee which has been handpicked and hand-sorted to make sure it’s the best of the best. It has to obtain a score of 80 points or higher to gain the prestigious title of speciality coffee. Upon arrival with us at Two Chimps HQ, we roast the coffee to bring out its natural flavours making for a super sweet and smooth cup!


a shot of espresso pouring into a mug

Decaffeinated coffee

Along with their smooth and chocolatey espresso, they offer a chemical-free decaffeinated coffee too. Decaffeinated using a sparkling water process, this natural process leaves the coffee still tasting like coffee, whereas some chemically processed decafs don’t have this luxury.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Treat yourself to a meal out and a glass of wine – but whatever you do at Eden Wine Bar, make sure you finish it off with a cup of Two Chimps Coffee – yum.


latte art in a cup looking down


All this talk of coffee making you thirsty and you can’t get to Eden Wine Bar?

Check out our freshly roasted, speciality coffees online. All of which are roasted by hand and dispatched using FREE first class delivery. Can it get any better?


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