Freshly Roasted Coffee Supplier

Looking for a Freshly Roasted Coffee Supplier?

Are you on the lookout for a freshly roasted coffee supplier? Perhaps you are new to coffee and are thinking of opening a coffee shop or tea room? Or maybe you are just looking to switch things up a gear? Whatever your reasons for searching for a freshly roasted coffee supplier, we are on hand to help.

sack of green specialty coffee beans

Being a coffee supplier is something that we take very seriously. Not only do we want you to be the best but we want you to serve the best coffee too. Let’s tell you how we can help you with your mission to find a coffee bean supplier.

Join the Troop

When you first join the Two Chimps Troop we will help you pick the coffee(s) to suit your business. Whether you are looking for freshly roasted coffee for your espresso machine or you are looking for ground coffee to suit your cafetieres, we have a single origin, speciality coffee to suit.

Next, upon choosing your coffee, we will arrange with you a suitable time to set up your grinder, coffee machine, and coffee to water ratios to make sure that they are spot on. We can be as technical as you want us to be with this if you want to learn more, or just set them to suit if not.

Roasted coffee being cooled in a roasters cooling bin


To order your coffee, we will call you. You have enough to remember, so leave it to us. We will call every Monday to find out what coffee you have used over the last week. We can then decide how much you need delivering. Your order is then roasted fresh, before being packed into 1kg bags ready for you. We always make sure you have enough to last you the week so you won’t have coffee sitting on your shelf getting old. This way, you will have freshly roasted coffee to serve your customers every single week.

Freshly Ground Coffee

If you need a freshly roasted coffee supplier that grinds coffee, don’t worry. We have that covered. Your coffee will be ground fresh on a Tuesday just before it leaves the roastery to be delivered to you.


Your coffee will always be hand-delivered by one of the team too. Whilst delivering, we can check that your equipment is all tip top and answer any questions you may have.


As part of joining the troop, we always make sure that staff training is up to date. We offer onsite training either in or out of hours to fit around your busy times and staff rotas. We can also arrange team building days at the roastery. You and your staff can come and roast with us and learn why we call ourselves freshly roasted coffee suppliers.

A Cafetiere with coffee being added

We will only supply a handful of business per area, so get in touch today or read more on our Wholesale Coffee Supplier page before it’s too late.

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Join the troop

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