Freshly Roasted Coffee with a Caribbean Twist!

Fancy a tropical option for your coffee subscription? Just want a bag for your Sunday brew? Check out our zesty Kenyan coffee!

medium roast speciality coffee


If you’d like to try something a bit different in your coffee subscription, why not go for this INSANE new Kenyan roast? It’ll turn your head with its cool name and dazzle your taste buds with its tasty tropical flavour!

Already part of the TC coffee subscription gang? Coolio. Your awesomeness is off the scale. Why not ping us a message and try this coffee in your next delivery? Not got a coffee plan yet? Click below for more info!


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Fresh Coffee with Caribbean Flavours

Oh Look, A Distraction makes any mug merry with its tropical flavour. We start off on a familiar note with a lush, chocolate-like body, but then – zing! – things get jazzy with tastes of lemon zest and lime. Tangy-sweet notes of passion fruit come next, rounded off with subtle hints of blackcurrant.

It’s bright, it’s zesty. It’s rather distracting…





How to Brew

This freshly roasted speciality coffee suits any device. It’s great however you brew!

Got an espresso machine, or fond of a Moka pot or AeroPress? Then you’re in for a mega treat! Because Oh Look, A Distraction is the perfect coffee for pressure devices!

It’s a medium/dark roast, so it matches the way pressure devices brew. Lighter roasts taste a tad more acidic, which makes them more suited to methods like the cafetiere (which draw out less of a coffee’s acidity). Pressure methods highlight a little acidity, making rounded medium roasts the way to go!

Ready for an irresistibly balanced brew? One that’s crazily delicious and fiesta fabulous? Grab your Oh Look, A Distraction today!





Kenyan Coffee Beans

We source this exclusive coffee as directly as possible from Kiambu in southern Kenya. Take a trip over and you’ll find the beans growing on a 182-hectare coffee farm called Tinganga.

Tinganga is owned by Sasini, a publicly held company passionate about community and fairness. They do great things for locals in Kiambu. Here’s just a few…

  • Provide union membership
  • Supply accommodation for employees
  • Improve primary education
  • Provide new computer equipment to schools such as the Njenga Karume primary school

Arabica coffee plants love calling Kiambu home. It’s jam-packed with stellar conditions! With plenty of sunshine and semi-volcanic, iron-rich soil, it’s basically a blueprint for happy coffee.

And happy coffee drinkers. Because (did we mention?), it is rather delicious…


 ripe speciality coffee cherries in a basket





Freshly Roasted Coffee Delivered to your Door

Enjoy small-batch coffee delivered to your door with a personal coffee subscription!

Because there are times when coffee is pants. Like when it runs out on a Monday morning. Or when it’s not fresh and packed with flavour.

Fear not, arabica lover! You can put an end to lousy cups with a fresh coffee subscription from Two Chimps! Simply make your plan and get ready for freshly roasted coffee ground to suit your brew method. #TeamWholeBean? No problem! Choose the fresh wholebean option instead!



Two chimps kenyan coffee with black coffee tin




Coffee Subscription – Let’s Make It Happen!

A Two Chimps coffee subscription is yours to create. You personalise every part, from the type of coffee to the amount you receive. It’s just so easy.

You can subscribe to a specific coffee from our speciality range or go for the Mystery option to receive a different roast each time. Fancy zesty-sweet coffee for your new coffee plan? Then we recommend Oh Look, A Distraction!

Are you already enjoying a Two Chimps coffee subscription with a different coffee (maybe Baboon in an Air Balloon, our gentle, choc-orange coffee?), but fancy giving this one a whirl? Just get in touch, and we’ll include it in your next delivery!


Bag of two chimps speciality sits on coffee table with black metal coffee tin


Buy/subscribe/stare in awe at this zesty, freshly roasted coffee today!

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