A range of Coffees at The Olive Branch, Clipsham

Freshy Roasted Espresso Coffee is now being served at the Olive Branch.

The Olive Branch, Clipsham’s only pub had been closed for two years when it was purchased by three friends back in October 1999. This was to be the start of an amazing journey that has included this pub winning a Michelin Star. The Olive Branch was one of the first pubs in Britain to achieve this; an accolade to be proud of.

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To add to their already fantastic local offering, the Olive Branch in Clipsham now serves Two Chimps Coffee. Awesome Coffee Roasted in Rutland.

The Olive Branch pride themselves on a relaxed dining experience, with an emphasis (where possible) to either home grow or use local, seasonal produce. Two Chimps are proud to be a part of their offerings. Albeit, we cannot grow coffee in Rutland (no matter how hard we try!) we do roast the coffee, by hand in Rutland at the Chimps HQ.

Freshly Roasted Espresso

In the espresso grinder, you will find a freshly roasted espresso. This single origin coffee has been roasted to suit an espresso-style drink superbly. The team of skilled baristas are on hand to make your drink any way you wish. No matter what you choose, it will always start with a traditional single or double espresso. We never over roast our espresso coffees. This way, you can always be sure of a sweet, moreish coffee, with no bitterness.

Espresso pouring into a mug

Other Coffees available

Accompanying the freshly roasted espresso is both a cafetiere coffee and a filter coffee. The coffees chosen for these have been sourced from different countries and roasted to suit the chosen brewing method. For instance, the filter coffee is light, tea-like and fruity (a great palette cleanser) whilst the cafetiere coffee is smooth, chocolatey and works well with or without milk.

A V60 coffee maker complete with coffee grounds


All three coffees will change from time to time as the harvesting seasons change, but you will always find something freshly roasted and full of flavour.

So, if you LOVE coffee and are looking for a relaxed dining experience, book a table at the Olive Branch.

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