Full of Beans at Crossfit Oakham

Working out in the gym and coffee essentially go hand in hand, right?

Meet Crossfit Oakham. Tucked up, right in the corner of the Oakham Enterprise Park in Ashwell, we are pleased to welcome them to the two chimps troop.

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What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is a varied and effective form of exercise, allowing individuals of different shapes, different genders and different backgrounds to achieve their own goals; whether it be to improve your health, lose some weight or better your performance. Crossfit specialises in not specialising(!) with a mixture of cardio, strength and gymnastics. They are proud that they don’t have any fancy machines, but instead, the coach led sessions use bodyweights, barbells, ropes and tyres. I’m getting exhausted just thinking about it……


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So what happens when you introduce fresh coffee into the equation? Well, let’s get stuck in…..

Ryan and Jade have been running the CrossFit gym in Oakham for almost six years now. When we met Jade and Ryan last week, they had recently transformed the waiting area of the gym into an awesome self-serve café. And the best bit? It’s not only for members but for anyone in the area and on-site that would like a coffee. And when I say self serve, I mean exactly that. With a touch screen till and card payment dock, you can go up to the counter, help yourself to some amazing coffee, along with anything else you may fancy, and pay for it yourself. It’s as easy as that. So if you find yourself at Oakham Enterprise Park, and fancy a nice cup of hot coffee, then swing by the Crossfit gym. I’m sure as soon as you walk in, they will tempt you into lifting more than just a coffee cup however :-).

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The Coffee

Currently, you can enjoy I’m a Natural through a filter, and it tastes gooooood. Not only is it super tasty and moreish, but it’s a great all-day coffee; allowing members of the gym to enjoy a cup first thing in the morning, as well as later in the day.  “I’m a natural” is grown in South Brazil on a small family-run farm. Its has Chocolate aromas while brewing that turn into a syrupy sweet, creamy body. Find a praline & soft cherry-like acidity as it cools too; Wahoo.


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Here at Two Chimps Coffee we only source and hand roast speciality coffee. Speciality coffee is a higher grade of Arabica coffee which has seen the utmost care throughout its lifetime. For coffee to receive a speciality title, it must receive a cupping score of 80 points or above. To grade a coffee, factors such as aroma, taste and mouthfeel are all taken into consideration. Sounds like fun? Learn more about coffee cupping today.


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Own a business and fancy a chat about all things coffee? Maybe you are ready to stand out from the current competition by offering something a little different?

We are wholesale coffee suppliers to several businesses in the UK, including hotels, cafes, pubs, restaurants, gyms, hair salons and many more.


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