Get a Father’s Day Gift Box for Dad!

Father’s Day Coffee Gifts to Make His Day!

Crikey, is it Father’s Day again? You’ve only just worked wonders for Mum’s present and now it’s Dad’s day already?


But, don’t worry. Actually, get excited. Really excited. Because we’ve got a range of Father’s Day gift sets he’ll love! Whether you treat him to coffee tasters or a brew device gift, or pull out all the stops with our brand-new Father’s Day Gift Box (featuring limited-edition Daddywaddydodah coffee!), these simple-to-give gifts hit the mark every time!


Bag of freshly roasted Two Chimps coffee with coffee tin and white gift box





What’s so special about this Gift Set Stuff?

Why get him a coffee gift set on June 18th? Does it really top those giant monster claw slippers you are also considering…?


Hell, yeah!


Lovingly hand-packed and ready for gifting on the day, a Father’s Day gift box from Two Chimps is a sure success. What’s that? You forgot about Father’s Day and now you’re super-stressed and scrambling about trying to find something special? Chill! We deliver every gift set FREE and First Class when you spend over £25. We can send it straight to Dad’s address, too. 👍

Whether you pre-order now or pull it off last-minute, every set will include fresh, hand-roasted arabica coffee. This is coffee BURSTING with flavour. If Dad likes good coffee, he’ll go crazy for his mug of Two Chimps! Trust us, we’ve seen the smiles time and again…

Check out our best Father’s Day picks below.



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Father’s Day Gift Set


Limited edition Father's Day coffee with Two Chimps coffee tin and green plant



This one’s an absolute show stopper. The one sure to get you favourite child status.

This next-level coffee gift set stars a Two Chimps coffee tin, magnet and 250g bag of Daddywaddydoodah, our limited-edition Father’s Day coffee!  Daddywaddydoodah is loaded with flavour. We’ll give you an insight…

Imagine smashed strawberries dribbling over grilled peach, sprinkled with crazily zingy lime zest.


Does Dad prefer pre-ground coffee? Cool. We’ll grind his beans on the day of dispatch before packing it in its trendy white box and sending it  First Class.


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Best Selling Coffee Gift Set


Best Selling Coffee Gift Set on a kitchen surface



Whether they’re your Dad, Uncle, Granddad or pal, show your appreciation with this Best Selling Coffee Gift Set. It’s the best one for blokes who are, well, the BEST!

This fantastic coffee set is guaranteed to be a winner.

He’ll unwrap the ribbon-tied box to discover three full-sized bags of delicious speciality coffee. He’ll be smiling because:

  1. Our coffees have funny (okay, wacky) names
  2. The coffees smell amazing
  3. They’ve got not one but THREE bags to enjoy

The coffees in this Best Selling Coffee Gift Set are our most popular options – the ones they’re sure to love! Two scrummy trios (a light roast and a dark roast) are on offer, and we can grind for his favourite brew method as before. And do all the hand-packing and free delivery stuff, too.


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Coffee Tasters Gift Box


coffee tasters in a white gift box



Need a Father’s Day gift for a picky pa? An indecisive dad? A father-figure who thinks choice is fantastic??

Gift him this Coffee Tasters Set! It arrives smartly packed with six dinky bags of Two Chimps coffee. Each one is exceptional, showcasing unique tasting notes, roast types and coffee origins. Medium-roast Colombian? Fruity coffee from Brazil, bright with the taste of berry? Find these and much more in this smiles-all-around Father’s Day Gift Set!


It's like coffee pick 'n' mix!




Moka Express Gift Set


Bialetti moka pot with lid open



We’ve got the set for you if you’ve got a dad who likes full-bodied, gorgeously concentrated joe.

Moka pots are a bit of an institution in Italy, with caffè lovers swearing by their precious family moka. The older the moka pot the better, they say – it’s all to do with oils building up inside the metal.

The pressure method gives a cup that’s strong and syrupy. It’s not strong-strong (hello, espresso), but still punchy and intense and brimming with flavour!

This coffee set includes one Moka Express Stovetop from the renowned Bialetti brand, plus a bag of Two Chimps coffee ground to suit the device. You can choose from three Moka Pot sizes (a one, three and six-cup), depending on how much coffee Dad drinks. Or how likely he is to make you a cup…




Make Dad’s day – treat him to a Father’s Day gift set from Two Chimps!


Coffee for your Daddywaddydoodah!

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