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Some words just go together. Del and Rodney, Gin and Tonic, Coffee and Walnut… they just go, right?


And you know another pairing that works? One that makes you smile every time? One that’s utterly, endlessly, irresistibly delicious?


☕    🍫    🍊   Chocolate and… Orange!  🍊    🍫   ☕


Yup. Pair melty milk chocolate with the zest and zing of fresh orange and you’re in for a treat. That round, segmented ball of chocolatey goodness knows its stuff – chocolate and orange WORK.

A Speciality Coffee Tasting Like Choc Orange!

But combine these creamy, zesty flavours with the word coffee and, oh my, you’re in for one heavenly experience. A mug of this is practically subliminal. Forget unicorns and flying carpets: this is the stuff dreams are made of.

Because Mr Terry would be proud of our GOODNESS ME! coffee. The fresh, juicy zing of orange fuses beautifully with the vanilla creaminess of milk chocolate. Oh, and what’s that? Blushing, oh-so-slightly floral, notes of nectarine? Of course. It’s the final jewel in the crown.

Chocolate orange is bang on trend this year. So, be cool! Be hip! Be smugly awesome! Buy coffee online and treat yourself to this next-level light roast cup!

Limited Edition Speciality Coffee

Goodness Me! is one of our extra-special limited-edition coffees. I mean, every Two Chimps coffee is special (you know that), but our stellar limited editions take it one step further. You know how the new GCSE marks put grade 9 above an A*? Our limited-edition coffee range is a bit like that… better than the best!

Maybe you’re looking to experiment. Maybe you just fancy a new coffee flavour. If you’re after deliciousness, then our limited-edition coffees are the answer!

Each coffee in the limited range is utterly tantalising and a little more individual. Often, they are the results of new coffee experiments or exciting micro-lots. The farmers only grow small amounts – this makes them super-duper rare!

Our main coffee range changes every 8-12 months. Limited editions, meanwhile, play switch around more often; they’ll only be here for 3-4 months! Why? It’s because so little was produced in the first place. So get your skates on and buy your best coffee today!


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Zambia Coffee

Missionaries first brought the arabica coffee plant seed to Zambia in the 1950s. The country’s coffee peaked in 2005/6, before a small decline over the next few years. Zambian coffee estates tend to be modern and high-tech thanks to their recent creation. This gives the speciality coffee farmers SUPREME powers of analysis and helps them understand their coffee beans inside out! And what does this give? Awesomely complex coffees you need to try!

Most Zambian coffee comes from the Northern district of the Muchinga Mountains. You’ll also find coffee states dotted around Lusaka, the Zambian capital. Find a good Zambian coffee (hint: you’re reading about one right now) and expect clean, bright-tasting coffees with flavours of berry and citrus!


Kateshi Coffee Estate

Your orangey Goodness Me! coffee grew on the Kateshi Coffee Estate in Zambia’s lush Northern district. The Estate was one of the first coffee-cultivating farms in Zambia, and is still up there with the best today! Don’t just take our word for it; Kateshi’s natural and honey processed coffees recently claimed first and second prize in Zambia’s Taste of Harvest competition.

So, yup, you know it’s going to be good(ness me!).

Tell Me About the Name!

Goodness Me! Where does the name come from?

Toddlers are great. Yes, they might take up allll of your time and doodle on your wallpaper. But even so. They’re awesome!

That’s why we name all our limited edition coffees with Andy and Laura’s three-year-old Felix in mind.

Currently, Felix likes to say ‘goodness me’ to everything. The postman. His dinner. His Paw Patrol pyjamas.

So guess what he’s saying about this chocolatey Zambian coffee? One very big, very smiley ‘Goodness Me!’

Buy Coffee Online: It’s Postbox-Shaped Happiness!

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Oh, and a very nice chocolate orange coffee from Zambia? Hmmmm, yes, we think you might find that one too…

Love choc orange? Love this coffee.

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