Ground Coffee Gifts

Listen up, present buyers, we’ve got the awesome coffee gifts you’ve been looking for!

If you are struggling to find a gift for the keen caffeinator in your life, take a look at our Ground Coffee Gifts below. Stop with the endless scrolling, because you’re about to find a quirky coffee gift they will love. And, with FREE First Class delivery on order £25 or more and reliable service guaranteed, present buying just become a whole lot easier! Phew…

Check out our ground coffee gift sets below!

Artisan ground coffee from an ethical roastery

Let’s start with the coffee beans. They’re the bread and butter of all our ground coffee gifts. 

We source the finest single-origin coffees from the world’s best coffee-growing countries. All our beans are speciality graded, which means they scored 80 points or above when cupped by a professional Q Grader. Speciality arabica beans are picked and sorted by hand to ensure the ripest fruits and keep defects to an absolute minimum. Unlike commodity beans, which give you a jumble of ripe and bitter-tasting underripe coffee cherries, hand-picked speciality beans are always beautifully sweet. 

Seasonality is key at Two Chimps. Each coffee harvest is unique; factors like bean varietal, weather conditions and post-harvest processing all play their part in creating a truly unmissable cup. Sourcing single harvests from small farms and estates mean that the amount of one coffee produced is finite. We have some fabulously diverse limited edition coffees but, really, seasonal sourcing makes every Two Chimps coffee a limited edition! 

Our smashing line-up features nine deliciously different coffees. The regular six change every eight to ten months, while our special limited editions are usually all drunk up after four months. This can be frustrating, especially if you think you’ve found your favourite EVER brew, but we always make sure to replace each coffee with something similar. For instance, we replace a fruity, bright morning coffee with beans that share a comparable taste profile. 

All you have to do is choose the coffee that takes your fancy and tell us how much you would like (we have 250g, 500g or 1kg options). Then, select your fave brew method to receive coffee ground for your device or go for whole bean if you like to grind at home. And now freshly roasted speciality coffee is on its way to you. Simple, isn’t it?

Ground coffee from a speciality roaster

Buying whole beans to grind at home is a great way to achieve fresh-as-fresh coffee. But we also know that life is hectic, and that grinding beans at 6.34am is probably not top of your list. Good news, then… we grind all our speciality beans on the day of dispatch! Grinding to order ensures that every ground coffee gift includes coffee brimming with flavour and freshness.

We don’t grind in bulk and leave your ground coffee lingering in the corner all week. Instead, our team grind each bag to order, guaranteeing beautifully fresh coffee every time! 

We only use high-quality burr grinders at the TC roastery. Unlike sub-standard blade grinders, which smash the beans up into jaggedy shards, the precise burrs grind your beans into uniform pieces. As well as being infinitely satisfying to watch (we’re obsessed…), this helps to achieve a balanced extraction and utterly standout brew. We grind depending on the brew method you specify. Cafetiere coffee requires a slightly coarser grind, for example, while Moka pots need something a bit finer. Whatever device they use, we make sure the grind is spot-on every time.  

Ground coffee gift sets are perfect for caffeine-heads wanting simple-to-make coffee that exceeds the scope of deliciousness! 

Ground Coffee Gifts

Buying for a cafetiere connoisseur or keen filter fan? Here’s the Cafetiere or filter coffee gift set for them!


three of our ground coffee gifts


These three coffees are perfectly suited to the cafetiere and filter coffee brew methods. This is the set to keep them caffeinated all day: the yellow-labelled coffee is a great wake-up, while the purple decaf is just gorgeous after dinner. And the pink label? Well, it’s their new favourite all day, everyday brew! 

This failsafe set arrives hand-packed in a white Two Chimps gift box and includes a coffee tin and magnet, too.

All you need to do is select their grind size!

Next up, we have our Espresso, Moka or Aeropress coffee gift set

This tasty trio set of three coffees complements espresso machine, Aeropress or Moka Pot brewing. Just like the previous ground coffee gift, this set includes three single-origin speciality coffees: a punchy morning coffee, a moreish easy drinker and one well-suited to the evening.

looking above three coffee labels and two chimps tin


All that is left is to choose a grind size. Sorted.

Ground Coffee Gift Subscriptions


coffee mug orange


How about a coffee subscription? Our coffee gift subscriptions are sure to put a smile on any coffee lover’s face.

Simply choose the coffee they’ll like and specify their brew method and how much you want to send, and we’ll do the rest!

Prices start at £15.90 for a just-because gift subscription with two deliveries. We work our way up through the numbers to a super special twelve-delivery gift subscription – this one will get you a gold medal for gift-giving! Whichever you choose, the first delivery always includes a Two Chimps Coffee Tin and Magnet Set.

Not sure which kind of coffee they like? Fret not, coffee friends. Treat them to a Mystery Coffee Subscription instead! Our surprise subscriptions come with a different single-origin coffee each time, meaning the surprises never stop! Whoop whoop!

Are they the technical type? Treat them to a new device – what about this Hario V60 Coffee Gift Set?


V60 pourover kit boxed


The Hario V60 coffee dripper is one of our easiest to use ground coffee gifts. It’s a doddle to get right and gives you First Class coffee, quickly and easily.

This is the go-to brewing device of speciality coffee shops all over the world. Why? Because the pour over method helps to bring out all the flavour complexities in a really good coffee. Coffee brewed in a V60 will taste smooth, balanced and clean. Use the device for a quick coffee at home, or take it outdoors to enjoy top coffee on the go. 

The Hario V60 is ideal for single servings (just pop it over your mug and get brewing) but can also be used to serve up to four at a time. Just make the coffee over a jug, rather than an individual cup, and hey presto, happy friends!

Our gift set for this device comes with a Hario V60 Dripper, 100 filters and a 250g bag of freshly ground coffee. It’s one of our best value ground coffee gifts!

Or, how about an Aeropress Gift Set?


boxed aeropress and coffee


The Aeropress has been described as “the most innovative coffee maker to be designed in a long time.”

We couldn’t agree more. The speedy Aeropress is a great device to give a coffee lover who is always pressed for time. It’s super easy to use and even easier to clean (it pretty much cleans itself).

As you press down on the plunger, the coffee grounds compact and compress into a tidy puck you can ‘pop’ straight into the bin or compost heap.

If there was a coffee device gymnastics, the AeroPress would scoop gold every time. There are endless ways to use it, from the ‘right’ way to the ‘inverted’ way, and everything in between.

It leaves the rest standing when it comes to flexibility! This gift even comes complete with a handy tote bag so your coffee lover can keep their Aeropress, filters and coffee all cosy together.

The AeroPress is great for single servings but can be easily adapted to produce up to four cups of smooth, rich coffee. 

Our Aeropress Gift Set includes an AeroPress device plus 350 filters, a tote bag and a 250g bag of freshly ground Two Chimps coffee.

Go starry-eyed for the Chemex Gift Set


Chemex coffee maker with coffee


A classic and stylish coffee device, a Chemex will be the piece de resistance on any kitchen counter. This elegant pour over coffee maker can produce six clean-tasting cups, and you can keep any remaining coffee in the fridge to enjoy later.

The Chemex is made from non-porous borosilicate glass, so won’t absorb any odours or coffee residue. This means your coffee lover can keep on sipping safe in the knowledge that their device is as fresh as when they first used it.

Did you know that there is a Chemex on permanent display in New York’s Museum of Modern Art? And it totally deserves it – its attractive curved shape, wooden collar and natural rawhide drawstring tie make it the most pleasing of coffee brewing devices!

The ground coffee gift for this device includes a six-cup Chemex pour over, 100 round filters and a 250g bag of freshly roasted coffee ground for their new device.

The classic Cafetiere Gift Set


cafetiere and coffee


The cafetiere is an almighty coffee device. These Barista & Co coffee presses are made from high-quality stainless steel, giving them an effortless, glossy look that’s the perfect centrepiece in any kitchen. They are 100% plastic-free, too. 

Cafetieres produce smooth, authentic coffee in just over five minutes. With its easy press plunger and comfortable handle, the cafetiere coffee brewing experience is always a great one. The glass jug is inscribed with millimetre measurements, which helps them create precise, perfectly extracted brews each time.  

You can select from a choice of two cafetiere sizes – a three-cup or an eight-cup – and pick an ideal coffee to suit. Which will you choose? A perky morning coffee or a chilled evening decaf? Or how about an easy-drinking all-day coffee? Whichever you go for, we will always freshly grind it for their cafetiere device!

This cafetiere ground coffee gift includes a Barista & Co Cafetiere plus a 250g bag of freshly roasted coffee of your choice.

Go art deco with the Bialetti Moka Pot Gift Set


bialetti moka pot boxed with coffee


The Bialetti Moka pot is an excellent device for producing a rich, espresso-style coffee on the stove.

This trendy, eight-sided device allows the heat to diffuse at the perfect rate, thus enhancing the aroma of your coffee lover’s brew. There’s no need to buy candles when the moka pot is around!

The stovetop coffee maker originated in 1930s Italy, where it revolutionised the Italians’ coffee drinking by enabling home brewers to make barista-standard coffee in their kitchen. This is a pressure device and gives a cup that’s full in body and concentrated in taste. Know an espresso lover? Here’s a gift they’ll love. 

For a sweeter cup, we suggest using water that is freshly boiled rather than cold. This way, the water doesn’t start extracting the coffee while it comes up to temperature. Alternatively, you could try turning down the heat a little during the brew. 

We have two sizes of Bialetti (the original and best moka pot brand) stovetops available. The three-cup holds 200ml while the six-cup holds 300ml.

Our super gift set includes a Bialetti Moka pot of your choice and a 250g bag of ground coffee, fresh from the roaster. One of our best ground coffee gifts!

Do they want to get hands-on and try grinding coffee beans at home? This Hario Hand Coffee Grinder will bring endless satisfaction!

Hario ceramic coffee mill with box


Does your coffee lover want to grind coffee at home as and when they need it? And have an awesome load of fun at the same time? Yes? Grab a Hario Hand Coffee Grinder.

This conical burr hand grinder makes changing grind size a breeze. Why does this matter? It means they can get creative with their coffee drinking! Different grind sizes bring different flavours and strength levels to a coffee by altering the rate of extraction. Now they can find a bespoke grind size setting that suits their taste buds to a T. Yesss! 

This high-quality burr grinder is a baby version of the grinders we use at Two Chimps. The ceramic burrs bring out more complex flavours in coffee and help towards a regimented grind size and balanced final brew. 

Unleash their inner barista with this fun coffee gift!

The coffee present that’s good fun to say… The Handpresso espresso gift set


handpresso in box and bag of two chimps coffee



An ideal device to carry on the go, the Handpresso is the way to achieving deliciously rich espressos anytime, anywhere.

The lightweight pump is compact, easy to use and unbelievably simple to clean. Just add some freshly boiled water and pump away! You don’t need electricity or batteries to use this device (just a bit of human power) and it leaves no waste behind.

Pack the pump plus your ground coffee and a flask of hot water and you’re all sorted: espressos whenever a caffeine kick is required! 

Our ground coffee gift for this device includes a Black handpresso Pump and a 250g bag of freshly ground coffee.

Still stuck? Grab a Coffee Lovers Gift Voucher. It’s the tried-and-tested gift they’ll love.



Gift vouchers are always a good option if you are unsure what to buy. And here’s one for the coffee lovers! Phew, life saved. Ranging from £10 to £100, it’s the ideal present whatever your budget. They can spend their voucher on anything in our online shop and we can email it to them directly. You’re welcome, last-minute gifters!

Whatever coffee gift you go for – whether it’s a cheeky bag of coffee or a stunning ground coffee gift set.

So what are you waiting for? Get your coffee lover an awesome Two Chimps coffee gift today!

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