Hand packed Bespoke Coffee

So, what is a Bespoke Order Creator?

Well, that’s me, Lorna! The latest member of the Two Chimps Coffee Team and I will tell you all about my role below.


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In short, my role as a Bespoke Order Creator is to ensure that every order is sent out exactly how it was ordered and to the quality expected. All orders placed with us are unique!



My Day Begins…

My normal (well, as normal as can be at Two Chimps HQ!) working day starts by checking we have enough delicious freshly roasted coffee ready to be hand-picked for each order. Once I have replenished my stocks, I begin to create and bring together all the orders placed overnight and during the morning.


outside two chimps hq


We post orders that are placed before 12 noon the very same day! This sticks to our ethos that fresh is best; coffee should be delivered as fresh as possible, especially bespoke and speciality coffee such as ours.  For this, we use 1st class Royal Mail post, oh, and it is FREE on every order!

So, once I have received the orders for the day, be it that of brand new customers or repeat coffee subscription orders, I get cracking. First, I check whether an existing customer has any special requirements for their order through our on-boarding system. If the order is for a new customer, their details are added so I can facilitate their order.

This allows me to see how long a customer has been loyal with us; so we can send them a few goodies as a thank you from time to time. Next, I check what coffee has been selected along with the grind size requested – all part of our bespoke ordering.




Grind size differs per order based on the coffee brewing machine being used by the customer. For example, coffee ground for a cafetiere or a filter coffee is much coarser than coffee destined for use in an espresso machine. All of this leads to the perfect cup of coffee by preventing under or over-extraction. If we didn’t change the grind size for each brew method, the coffee wouldn’t taste right, and nobody has time for a bad cup of coffee!

You would be surprised how much the grind size makes to the final taste of the coffee.


coffee being ground using a grinder


So once I have selected the bags of coffee needed for each order, they are labelled to identify exactly what is inside each bespoke bag. This labelling gives you the date the coffee was roasted, the coffee’s grind size, and by whom it was roasted.  Each order packaged will also contain information that is relevant to that order; such as discount cards for future purchases and any thank you gifts that could be due.


I will also check if an order requires to be gift wrapped – another bespoke service we offer. I love gift wrapping too! The ribbon is so cool and works well with the simple white box. We often receive orders that have been purchased as a gift, and to make these that little bit extra special, we add a message of the customers choice if requested. Whether it’s for Mother’s Day or just friend, each gift set is finished with a special hand-tied Two Chimps ribbon.

Make sure to remember this the next time you can’t think of a gift for someone you know who drinks coffee!


ribbon tied presentation box


You can find our coffee gift sets here. I always enjoy creating these special orders knowing it’s a gift for someone! These orders can be customised further by adding little extras, like my fave enamel mugs, hot chocolate flakes or a coffee spice blend; great for someone who is that bit more adventurous with their coffee! Ultimately you can create a great unique gift that I then hand pack for you.

Packaging and Delivery

Once all of the days’ orders have been picked, packed and labelled, I get them ready to be collected by Royal Mail.

Our 250g and smaller bags of speciality coffee are packaged in envelopes to fit through a standard letterbox; a great little surprise to come home to! Our coffee gift boxes travel as a small parcel. Unfortunately, these parcels won’t fit through a letterbox but can be left in a safe place if desired by leaving a note at the checkout.


brown envelope on a doormat


To reduce our carbon footprint, we often deliver our local orders by hand; you may even see me out and about delivering parcels and packages in one of our Two Chimps Coffee vans. If you do, be sure to give me a wave!

So there we are, that is what I do during a typical day as a Bespoke Order Creator.

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