Hario Coffee Scales: the essential tool for next-level coffee at home

Looking to take your home brewing up a notch? Here are the BEST small coffee scales for the job!


coffee scales sitting on wooden plank top table


Hario scales for happier coffee

Have you tried to brew better coffee at home, only to get frustrated at the process (and your lack of hands)? The kitchen scales turn off mid-weigh. ? You’re trying to time the brew on your phone while measuring your coffee on those pesky scales. Which the kids want because they’re making brownies. ? Solve all your coffee weighing woes with a set of Hario coffee scales. I know it sounds fussy – like, scales, to make coffee? A bit la-di-da, isn’t it? – but trust us, these coffee scales with integrated timer will take you to five-star coffee in no time!


Hario V60 drip scale in box


Accurate coffee is the way to go

Small changes can have a big impact. It’s a bit like when you made the switch from CDs to Spotify. Whoosh. Life changed. Everything is suddenly so much simpler, so much more streamlined.

Brewing with a set of Hario drip scales will give you an instant coffee upgrade. Your beloved home coffee will be beautifully balanced and way more consistent. It’ll be easier to achieve top coffee again and again.

Because great coffee is all about precision – not guestimation. And, thankfully, accuracy is super simple to achieve. Just grab a set of coffee scales and you’re away! Let’s find out why these Hario scales are the best for the job…


Coffee scales with Chemex from above


Precise measurements

The integrated timer allows you to weigh out your water and coffee and clock your brew all at the same time. One nifty tool; three jobs. Now that’s what we call efficiency!

Weighing out your coffee is a great way to brew better coffee, especially if you’re measuring whole beans. Measuring by volume is less consistent because coffee beans can vary in size. Smaller beans will fit snugly into your scoop, while larger beans will leave big spaces of air between them. This means that 1 tbsp of coffee beans on Monday might not be the same weight as 1 tbsp on Tuesday. Coffee scales provide the failsafe solution; if a coffee recipe calls for 20g, you can measure out 20g every time, bang on. These awesome scales have a 0.1g accuracy and a maximum weight of 2000g, meaning you can always get pinpoint precise coffee!

Measuring your water is, likewise, more accurate than using a jug. I mean, who can get water right on the 100ml line? Converting between grams and millilitres is easy, too: just remember that 1 millilitre is equal to 1 gram! Now you know just how much coffee and water you’re using, you can create a coffee to water ratio that’s just right for you. Yay!


Chemex pour over sitting on top of scales


Time to shine

Clocking your coffee brewing time is another easy way to a better cup. We know that timing anything is hard (it’s why we’re all singing ‘Happy Birthday’ while washing our hands) but with these coffee drip scales you can get your brew time absolutely spot on.

Everyone likes their coffee a little different, and that’s why most coffee recipes only give approximate brew times. A longer brew time gives a stronger coffee, but too long and the coffee may over-extract. So, let’s say the recipe suggests a brew time of 3-3.30 minutes. You try 3.30 and it’s a bit too punchy, but then you try 3.10 and, blimey, it’s perfect! Now you know that 3.10 minutes is the brew time for you, you can recreate that awesome cup again and again!

There is nothing more frustrating than savouring a perfect cup you made with 2.5 tbsp (ish) of beans and brewed for 3 (ish) minutes. Ish is pretty hard to replicate. Thankfully, with these Hario drip scales, perfectly timed coffee couldn’t be easier!


Measuring green coffee beans


Scales built to last

These awesome coffee scales get top marks for quality. Made from ABS resin by the established Hario brand, they are strong, resistant and will last for years. The slick, battery-operated body is easy to keep clean, while the touch display controls keep everything wipeable and hygienic.

Don’t worry if space is short in the kitchen, either. These neat scales are easy to slip in beside your coffee bags and brewing devices. Nestle them in your sock draw if you need to! Seriously, we love them that much. ?


the scales out of box


Coffee scales with timer: well, that’s trendy!

But, when they look this good, we doubt you’ll want to hide them away. The simple, user-friendly model gives a quick style update to any kitchen worktop. We love the raised measuring platform and shiny black design, too – a super-slick finish for professional brewing!

And, we’ll let you into a secret… these Hario drip scales go beyond drip coffee. The accurate display is great for every brew device and every kitchen task. Yep, even baking (just make sure it’s coffee cake, obvs)!


Brewing accurate coffee with drip scales, swan neck kettle and Chemex


These Hario scales are the best small coffee scales for stepped-up coffee. Fancy brewing café-standard coffee at home again and again (and again), then grab a set right away! They’ll give you a very precise amount of coffee happiness.


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