Hi Ellie – Welcome to Two Chimps Coffee

Hi! I’m Ellie, and I’m the newest member of the Two Chimps family!

Teamwork makes a dream work – right? Well, I think I might be about to join the best team yet! From the end of March, I’ll become part of the Two Chimps family as their new Digital Content and web-based Marketing Creative.


ellie from two chimps coffee


All in a day’s work

My varied role will cover three main areas: writing, photography and video. I’ll be busy writing and editing copy for pages, blogs and products; I can’t wait to bring you all you need to know in text that is easy to read and entirely awesome!

Photography and video will be just as important – a picture speaks a thousand words, after all. I’m looking forward to picking up the camera, editing images and making sure that every page looks fabulously on-point! From photographing new coffees to filming short videos, I’m excited to show you the latest, tastiest coffees straight from the Two Chimps roaster. Creativity and fun are my inspiration – it’s my aim to bring you cheeky-monkey content that brightens your day, puts a smile on your face and teaches you something new about your favourite cup of joe. Because if I’ve learnt one thing so far, it’s that Two Chimps don’t do dull!


Coffee cherries


School days were cool days

I’m keen-bean excited to join the Two Chimps family. I’m a local girl, so am proud to be part of a team that serves so many lovely businesses from across Leicestershire and Rutland. I did venture a short way south (I hope you’ll forgive me ?) when I completed my English degree at the University of Cambridge. Great time, great people, hard work. Especially when my first term involved translating some not-very-English-looking Old English text:

SIÞEN þe sege and þe assaut watz sesed at Troye,

Þe borȝ brittened and brent to brondeȝ and askez,

Þe tulk þat þe trammes of tresoun þer wroȝt

I understand it now (ish), but first-year Ellie was left slightly dazed and wondering what on earth she had signed up for!

Post-university and pre-Covid, I completed a hospitality marketing internship in London, where I completed copywriting work and social media projects for some beautiful city hotels. I’m also a Features Writer for Your Coffee Break – an online magazine with a very fitting name! Writing about a varied range of products and adapting to different house styles has helped me to develop a flexible approach, and I’m excited to start working with all the wonderful coffees in the Two Chimps range. Two Chimps is the Willy Wonka of coffee and there’s always a new single origin in the pipeline, so I know I’ll be kept busy!



Me-time and free-time

Being an English grad, it’s no surprise I like reading. A lot. Currently, I’m reading my way through the 25 winners of the Women’s Prize for Fiction. I’m on number 20 now, so nearly there! I love nothing better than settling down with a hot drink in one hand, my cat snuggling in the other and a book balanced precariously between the two.

I’m also a curious learner (okay, I’m nosy) and always like to keep busy doing something new. Learning Sign Language has been one of my lockdown projects and I have been teaching myself how to sign the basics. ‘Meerkat’ is my favourite sign so far – it’s adorable! I’m currently starting to form short sentences, although it’s taking a bit of practise! I also enjoy badminton and walking and, when the world returns to a bit of normality, would love to take up ballroom dancing. And that wouldn’t be because I’ve got a crush on Strictly’s Aljaž, of course not…


pink coffee mug on a coffee table


Coffee shops and city stops

When it comes to travel, I’m quite patriotic. There are so many wonderful cities on our doorstep, with London, York and St. Andrews being three of my favourite locations. I enjoy stumbling on independent cafes while ticking off all the tourist to-dos with my family! Liverpool is on my list of places to visit, as is Salzburg, if we’re casting the net a bit further afield! I also have a burning, rather random desire to visit an English restaurant in America. I’m intrigued to taste their interpretation of fish and chips!

As mentioned, I love coffee shops. It’s pretty much the only reason I go on holiday. There is always a new drink to try, a new slice of cake to sample. Although I am a firm lover of iced coffee and hot chocolate (preferably with a chocolate wafer to dunk), I’m still a relative newbie when it comes to coffee. Great timing, I’d say – I don’t think I could have come to a better place to find my favourite origin!


cup of two chimps coffee on a saucer


I have, however, used coffee in my baking for years. Coffee and chocolate are a heaven-made match, and rich chocolaty bakes like brownies taste so much better with a little coffee added to the mixture. I’m a keen baker and can never resist a new ‘craze’: from rainbow cake to peek-a-boo sponges, I’ll try anything once! I’ve not yet baked monkey bread, though – perhaps that’ll be one to bring into the office…

There’s no I in Team

I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into my new role at Two Chimps Coffee. There’s lots to learn and plenty of fun to be had, so I can’t wait to become part of this tip-top troop. I am also proud to be joining an ethical, climate positive workforce. Sustainability is extremely important to me, so I’m delighted to be working alongside people who see the planet as priority.


Two Chimps Coffee Lables


Whether I’m researching new coffee trends or photographing the team’s latest coffee, I’m looking forward to being the sixth member of the small, fun and fabulously wacky Two Chimps family! I’m sure we’ll all be prime mates!


DIve in to the Shop


Join the troop

And we will plant a tree