Homemade Coffee Liqueur

Who knew that making coffee liqueur could be so easy?

We’ve put together this simple recipe for you. Try it out, but don’t be afraid to experiment. You can always try different spirits like rum or whisky, go on…go crazy!

Homemade coffee liqueur

The ingredients you will need for making coffee liqueur are:

-120ml Water

-100g raw brown sugar (the chimps used demerara sugar)

-230ml Vodka

-40g Coarsely Ground Two Chimps Coffee

-½ Vanilla Bean Split

-Something to store your liqueur in, such as an empty bottle or jar

Steps for homemade coffee liqueur:

Add the water and sugar to a pan. Simmer until the sugar has dissolved. You have just created sugar syrup.

Combine the syrup, vodka, and vanilla together in an empty bottle or jar.

a glass bottle with vodka, sugar syrup and vanilla inside

Add your coffee grounds.

pouring ground coffee into vodka

Give your jar a gentle shake to mix all of your ingredients together.

a shaken bottle of ground coffee and vodka

Cover your concoction and leave at room temperature for a day or so.

a bottle of homemade coffee liqueur

After your homemade coffee liqueur has had time to infuse, grab a coffee filter and strain your liqueur into another container. And that’s it BOOOOOM! You have made your very own coffee liqueur.

straining homemade coffee liqueur through a v60 filter

We told you it was easy- and so delicious too.

Mix this with cold brew (read our guide for how to make cold brew coffee), the soft drink of your choice, make alcoholic milkshakes or use this recipe to become the master of cocktail making. Check out our guide on how to make an espresso martini. Go on, impress your friends and host a spectacular cocktail night!

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