How can I become climate positive?

If you’re feeling awesome, and want to make changes towards helping save the planet, then you can!

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we’ve teamed up with Ecologi to become a Climate Positive Coffee Roastery and workforce.

Scroll down to find out how we have become climate-positive, along with what you can do too.

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Carbon Footprint

We’ve always been mindful about offsetting our carbon footprint, and in 2021, we became climate positive. This means that not only have we become carbon neutral, but we took it one step further to be climate positive; in carbon credit, if there ever was a thing.

To continue to create awesome tasting coffee, it wasn’t possible to do this and have no carbon footprint as this would have meant not roasting! Nooooo! However, we found a way with the help of our lovely friends at Ecologi.



What do Ecoligi do?

These guys dedicate their lives to tackling the climate crisis by supporting communities worldwide to regenerate what has been previously destroyed. For example, our contributions go towards the reforestation of Madagascar, where over 90% of their forests have vanished.

This is just one small project happening around the world. We can’t physically go and plant trees, which is where Ecologi come in. We send money to those who help fund reforestation non-profit organisations, such as Eden, who go to places like Madagascar and set up projects. They employ local villagers to plant trees and help with other projects, which in turn supports their local communities. Isn’t that amazing! Knowing that we are contributing to helping save the planet while we roast delicious coffee simultaneously as being carbon negative is an amazing feeling! And you can do the same.


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Just buying your coffee from climate positive companies like us means that you are doing your bit towards becoming carbon neutral. Because we offset our carbon, we’ve already taken care of the emissions created for you to receive your freshly roasted coffee. So you can enjoy a cup of fantastic tasting coffee, guilt-free!

To make that even sweeter, as a new customer to us at Two Chimps Coffee, we’ll plant one tree on your behalf. We are doing the same for our wholesale coffee customers too. For every new business that joins our troop, we will plant 100 trees for you.

We’re passionate about spreading the word on how easy it is to offset your carbon usage and so we want to encourage our customers to make changes too, however small they appear.


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Change the little things to be Carbon Positive

Although we’ve made this big change, we’ve always made small changes within our roastery (and at home) to try to be more green.

All of our packaging for our small retail tea and coffee bags is fully recyclable. Even the stickers that we stick on our bags to show the roast date are recyclable. Speaking of stickers, we always use the back of the sheets to print roasting logs and other documents instead of wasting paper.

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We’re changing our label clips from metal clips to recyclable glue dots and changing all the lights in the roastery to LED. As a small workforce, we know that our changes won’t save the planet, but we do know that changing our ways of working will.

Learning to work more efficiently gives us a better mindset to be more green and mindful of what we throw away and pass this way of working on to our future generations.

Small Changes go a long way

Anyone can make small changes at home or work; it’s just a case of being able to adjust. We’ve all known about recycling for a long time now, and yes, it is difficult to know what to do for the best sometimes. For instance, debating for hours as to whether the bacon tray should go in the bin or can be recycled! Have a read of some of these other ideas and whether or not you can make these changes yourselves.


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Saving water

By simply buying a water butt for your garden, you can collect rainwater to water your plants on a dry day without using water from the tap. Talking of gardening, we save our coffee grinds from the roastery to sprinkle on our plants, which helps keep those pesky slugs away!


Is your work close enough to be able to walk? Or maybe cycle? If not, then look into finding if it’s on a bus route or has a local train station. Even better, find out if any of your colleague’s live close by, and you can look to car share. Out of current COVID 19 restrictions, this is an ideal way to get to know someone new too!


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Just changing your light bulbs to LED will make a significant change to your electricity usage. Solar panels are a fantastic way of using solar energy to fuel your home, but are not always deemed as affordable. However, an alternative option could be to find an energy supplier who offers green energy, or one where you can pay a little extra each month to use renewable energy instead, brilliant!

Coffee cherries

Sourcing sustainable produce

Going to the supermarket is 2nd nature to most of us, but if you want to be more conscious about where your food comes from, look into buying from smaller independents instead. Choosing to buy food seasonally will make a huge difference to your carbon footprint too. For instance, pick your strawberries locally in July rather than eating them in December when they have been shipped in from Egypt. This will make them taste all the sweeter too!


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If you can’t make big changes like having an electric car or installing solar panels, just making a few small changes to your everyday life will help to offset your carbon footprint.

Just by buying a bag of Two Chimps Coffee means that you’ve not used any carbon because we’ve kindly offset it for you; now if that isn’t worth making the change for, I don’t know what is!?

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