How can I buy a coffee gift set?

Awesome coffee. No nonsense.

We all have our own interests. Whether you are passionate about painting or can’t stop cooking, everyone has something they enjoy. Chances are, you will receive hobby-related gifts every time your birthday comes around. Socks with cats on, socks with cars on (why is it always socks?), we bet you’ve got them all.

Coffee lovers, we feel your pain, too. You don’t want any more standard-grade commodity coffee presents that are all packaging and no pizzazz. You want proper coffee! Coffee that tastes like coffee should – fresh and vibrant and utterly delicious. You want Two Chimps Coffee!


looking down on a trio of coffees and tin


Welcome to Two Chimps!

We are an artisan coffee roastery based in Rutland and are proud to be an indie company hand-roasting speciality coffee. Every Arabica  bean we roast is of single origin and ethically sourced. We can trace all our coffees right back to the farmer who grew them and source through direct trade where possible. This helps us to understand each batch of beans and then tailor our roasts to suit. Every bean varietal (that’s its type) is different and we adapt the roast times to match variations in the beans’ density and moisture. It might seem pernickety, but we know that this is the only way to roast delicious coffee every time. We don’t believe in over-roasting, either (those words are banned at Two Chimps). Instead, we fine-tune our roasting times to create unique recipes for each coffee. Our coffee beans are special, so we treat them like stars!


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Fresh is Best

Unlike supermarkets and chain cafes, we don’t store our beautiful beans once we’ve roasted them. Coffee is best enjoyed fresh, ideally within 12 weeks after roasting. After this, the coffee will start to taste dull and dreary – not what you want. We know that fresh is best, so we work hard to deliver freshly roasted coffee every time. Roasting in small batches multiple times each week ensures that our coffees arrive at your door only days after being roasted, so you can enjoy them at their best. We also offer free First Class delivery on all orders to make sure your coffee arrives fast and – you guessed it – fresh!

Great coffee shouldn’t cost the planet –  that’s why we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Indeed, we’ve gone the other way to become climate positive. We also do everything we can to reduce and recycle in the roastery, from using 100% recyclable coffee cups to donating our coffee chaff to chicken owners! If we can reuse it, we will!

We see sustainability as non-negotiable. We’re determined to leave a healthy, resilient planet for future generations.


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Where to find us – come and play!


We like to make great coffee easy to come by, so have made sure there are plenty of ways to get your fix of Two Chimps. Our online gift shop is a great first stop. Well stocked with all our lovely artisan coffees, our online shop is the perfect place to find your new favourite (or return to an old one!). We also stock a wide variety of branded brewing devices, as well as premium loose-leaf teas and luxury real hot chocolate flakes. Why not take a look at our Two Chimps merchandise while you’re stopping by? We’ve got mugs, face masks, coffee coasters and more. No socks, though…

You can also buy our coffees from independent wholesalers. Lovely cafes such as Off the Beaten Path  in Melton Mowbray or the Larder in Oakham would love to serve you a cup of freshly ground Two Chimps coffee. If you prefer to enjoy your coffee at home, no problem –  just pop into our wholesale partners.


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How to buy a gift set

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a coffee lover, we’re sure our online shop has the answer. We have created a fantastic range of speciality coffee gift sets that will end your gift buying bother for good. From smaller boxes containing our finest best sellers to mega, knock-your-socks-off gift sets, we’ve got the gift you’re looking for.

We know that coffee is personal and that everyone likes to enjoy their coffee in different ways. That’s why we’ve put together gift sets that include breakfast time coffees, sparkling water decaffeinated coffees and coffee lovers taster packs. Oh, and tea and hot chocolate lovers, don’t despair: we have some wonderful gift sets containing our warming loose-leaf teas and luxury hot chocolate flakes, too. The perfect present, whatever they prefer. Who said it’s impossible to please everyone?

Where to buy a gift set

Buying your coffee gift set is as easy as can be. Simply head over to the coffee gift sets, select your chosen gift and customise to suit their tastes. You can make your gift truly unique by selecting the perfect roast type and grind size, and by adding a personalised message when you check out. Alternatively, why not treat them to a coffee subscription? Our coffee gift subscriptions are ideal for anyone who likes a regular flow of coffee delivered straight through their letterbox. Our coffee subscriptions range from two to 12 deliveries and can be dispatched weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

We recommend little and often rather than bulk deliveries: this way, the coffee will be fresher, tastier and even more irresistible! You can also choose any coffee in the range – if you need help deciding which one to choose, just give a chimp a call. We’ll be happy to advise (we’re always ready to talk coffee)! Whatever you decide, we will always deliver fresh coffee that’s been hand-roasted in Rutland.


Two Chimps Coffee Gift Set


Would they like to choose their own present? Give the gift of choice with one of our gift vouchers. Perfect for that ‘what do I get them this year??’ friend, our Coffee Lovers Gift Voucher can be used to buy anything in our online store. We’re happy to send a digital gift voucher or pop one in the post First Class; it’s up to you!

Gift shop, personalise, sit back – bish, bash, bosh! Buying a coffee gift set couldn’t be easier! And not a novelty sock in sight. ?


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