How can my business stand out from the crowd?

To stand out from the crowd, you’ve got to have something unique that people will remember and keep coming back for.

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we continue to build up a loyal customer base full of customers who are looking to do just that; stand out from the crowd.

So, firstly, what are we doing right?

As a wholesale coffee supplier, we offer a variety of advantages; from the freshest coffee to free delivery. We roast fresh to order, meaning that we deliver you the coffee needed for the week, as fresh as it can be. Many independent roasters source their coffee and roast it, but some either send it away for roasting or roast all of their beans at once in large batches and store them for a long time. We prefer to store the green beans in our humidity-controlled treehouse. This means we can roast our coffee by hand and in small batches as and when we need it. We believe this is why our coffee is the best.

coffee sacks

Speciality Coffee

All of our coffee is ethically sourced from smallholding farms all over the world. We only use the highest-grade coffee, which is known as speciality coffee. Speciality coffee must obtain a coffee scoring grade of 80 points or over. It has been handpicked to make sure only the ripest cherries are chosen, carefully processed, dried and meticulously checked by hand for any defects or impurities. This coffee is the best. It costs a lot more than buying bulk, commodity-grade coffee but the quality is so much better. It has been carefully looked after through every stage of growth and processing, and you can taste the difference in the cup.

green trays of roasted coffee

What do we do that is unique?

So, we’ve sourced our coffee, it’s been shipped, and we have collected from the warehouse.  We now want to continue the journey by treating it with as much care as it has already received. This is why we roast each batch of coffee by hand, using roast logs that we’ve created, especially for each coffee.

green coffee sitting in a moisture analyzer

When roasting, we monitor each stage of the roast to make sure it’s roasting just as we require.  We only ever roast until just after “first crack” and into a few minutes of development time. This means that all of our roasts are a light or medium/dark roast, allowing us to bring out the subtle yet unique flavours of speciality coffee.


We roast in small batches, based on the requirements of our wholesale customers for that week. Once roasted and cooled, the coffee is then rested before it is bagged and delivered. This means our customers are getting the freshest coffee possible. We do this because we believe that fresh is best and that coffee tastes so much better the fresher it is. It must be true because our wonderful customers keep coming back!

roaster being manually operated

Why Two Chimps Coffee?

We’re a small local, independent business and we believe that shopping local and sourcing your ingredients from smaller businesses means you are getting a better quality product. Normally that business will be an expert in their field, just as we are when it comes to coffee. For instance, we know what the best quality of coffee is and why it’s the best, and we also know how to source ethically and sustainably.

We are aware of how the best coffee should taste, and we know how to roast it to bring out the individual flavours of a particular coffee. The team know how to make the best espresso, and we want to make everything as easy as possible for all of our wholesale customers by sharing our knowledge with them.

It can be overwhelming to see a variety of coffees, taste them, find one you like and setting up your machine correctly. Don’t panic. We pride ourselves in making the transition as pain-free as possible. We have a no-nonsense approach when it comes to our coffees. So won’t throw all the jargon at you that isn’t necessary. All you need to do is choose a coffee, which we will help you with, sit back and we’ll do all the work. We even train your staff too.

set of three two chimps coffees and tin

Can we help your business stand out from the crowd?

Yes is the answer. We know from the feedback we receive that the coffee we roast is awesome. Our wholesale customers love us for it, and they love the service they receive from the team too. We have no doubt that by joining the troop and serving your customer’s Two Chimps Coffee, that your business will benefit and your customers will love you for it too.

We also have an abundance of complimentary point of sale material to assist with your quest of telling the world about the amazing coffee you will serve. From A-boards to posters, and everything in between.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It’s the last drink you’re offered after a meal out, and it’s one of the first things you drink in the morning. It’s a staple in business meetings, and when you meet friends, and, between the mediocre cups, great coffee stands out. If someone comes to you and has a great cup of coffee, they’ll be back. There are 1000’s of businesses selling coffee, and not all of them are up to par. So, if you’re the one that is, then they are going to remember you.

two chimps coffee at nettleham community hub


In summary…

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, then offer something awesome that your competitors are not. With this in mind, we only supply a handful of businesses in each area. You can’t all be awesome, and we want you all to stand out. If everyone has the best coffee, then no one stands out.

So, if freshly roasted coffee with a great service sounds like what your business needs, then get in touch with the team today. We can arrange a visit to taste loads of coffee and chat more about your individual business needs.


Join the troop