How do I get coffee by post?

Is there anything you can’t buy online these days?

With most of the UK in lockdown during the 2020 Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, shopping online has become an essential household need.

Like most things these days, it’s more than likely that you can find it online and have it delivered by post to your door.

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we offer coffee by post, and we’ve made it super easy and fun to order hand roasted coffee online.


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Coffee Shopping

Going to the shops can sometimes be a right faff! You’ve got to get ready, get the family ready, take the car out, do the shopping, pay for it and pack it. And that’s not to mention the shops might not be open when you’ve finished work, and so you can’t get to them anyway. Maybe it’s raining, or you just can’t be bothered!

Shopping online is so easy. Grab your internet device, sit down, choose what you need, pay and voila! It’s delivered straight to your door within a few days, and you didn’t even have to put your socks on!


Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we’ve created a quick and easy way for you to buy fresh coffee online whenever you want, have it hand roasted and delivered straight through your letterbox. Unlike shopping in person, there are no time limitations to shopping online.

Two Chimps Coffee Subscription

Why buy coffee online?

Maybe you’ve woken up in the middle of the night and realised you’ve run out of freshly roasted coffee, oh no! While the shops are shut, you can get online there and then, get your coffee ordered and fall soundly back asleep knowing it’s in hand. It’s so quick. Within a few minutes, you can guide your way around the website and have your coffee on its way to you.

Navigating your way around a supermarket can be frustrating; especially in a time where we need to socially distance and avoid unnecessary journeys. You can find yourself surrounded by lots of people all at the same time; unless that is, you do your shopping at 4 am!

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You get stuck behind someone going too slowly, or there is someone else looking at the same crisps you want; if you’re in a rush these small things can make you feel like you’re wasting time! Maybe the person on the checkout wants a chat, but you need to get back to work!

Log on to Two Chimps Coffee

All this can be avoided by logging onto your favourite Two Chimps coffee website where, you can get coffee by post, from the comfort of your own home, in peace, and you don’t have to talk to anyone!

We believe that everyone should drink fresh coffee which is why Two Chimps was born. We’ve filled the gap and made drinking really good coffee, fun! All of our coffee is ethically sourced from small independent farmers and cooperatives, 100% Arabica bean speciality coffee, hand-roasted to order in small batches, ground on the day of despatch and delivered using 1st class post, for free!

Although we can send you coffee by post, we are still here if you want to contact us. There are many ways to get in touch if you need or want to. You can call us, email us, visit us at our roastery in Oakham or you can log on to your Two Chimps account. Here, you are in control and can see what you have ordered, when your coffee subscription is due and make any changes you may need.

Coffee by post can come as regularly as you need it too. You can buy a one-off bag of coffee, or you can set up a coffee subscription whereby coffee is delivered to you on a regular basis through your door – you don’t have to do a thing. We make life easy, and tasty!


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Fresh Coffee

If you love the idea of a freshly roasted coffee subscription, you can feel happy in the knowledge that however often your coffee is delivered; it is freshly roasted each time. We know that the fresher the coffee, the better it tastes, which is why we always hand roast our coffee in small batches multiple times each week.

We only ever roast to the first crack and into development time, because our super high quality beans are so full of delicious natural flavours, we wouldn’t want to hide them by over roasting. Speciality coffee is the highest grade of coffee beans available, and the only beans we use!


Coffee cherries



Coffee Subscription

Setting up a coffee subscription for regular coffee by post is easy. The hardest part is trying to choose which coffee you want! Do you tend to enjoy darker roasted coffee that would work well as an espresso? Or maybe you prefer a lighter roast coffee, perfect to highlight those floral notes in your pour-over?

Whatever your tastes and brew device, we’ve got a coffee for you. You can choose from our range of different coffees that are suited to different parts of the day. Perhaps you need a boost in the morning? If that’s the case, our medium dark roast coffee from Colombia is sweet and acidic for that punch in the morning!


coffee being sampled from a roaster


Or maybe you prefer an evening coffee after your meal? We have one that is perfect for you! Our chemical-free decaffeinated coffee gives you all the wonderful flavours of speciality coffee; but without the sleepless nights!

Once you’ve decided on your coffee, choose if you’d like beans or ground, how often you want it delivered and Bob’s your Uncle – freshly roasted coffee delivered to you with free post.


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Or maybe you want a different coffee by post each time? Then our Mystery Coffee Subscription is for you. Check it out.

Not only is ordering easy, but amending your subscription is easy too. You can change your delivery frequency, grind size or coffee choice. You can even put your subscription on hold for when you go away!

For now though, get settled, get online and get freshly roasted coffee delivered by post now!


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