How Does A Gift Subscription Work?

Want to treat a loved one, work colleague or the worlds best teacher to one of our gift subscriptions?

Great! They will love you forever! (Well, until the subscription runs out) A gift subscription is super easy to set up too. Let’s take a look at ‘how does a gift subscription work?

Our gift subscriptions are very similar to our regular coffee subscription. However, rather than running until you wish the subscription to stop, a Two Chimps gift subscription stops automatically after its allotted time has expired.

Also, a gift subscription is paid for in one payment at the start of the subscription, while a regular subscription is paid on the anniversary of the subscription delivery; weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


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It’s so easy!

How Does A Gift Subscription Work? Well, from our homepage, having a gift subscription in your basket is just nine clicks away! Don’t head back to the homepage however, Our coffee gift subscriptions can be found here too. To get started, you just need to know a few of your coffee lover’s drinking habits. For instance, how do they brew? Is a cafetiere their go-to brew method? Or, are they an espresso lover?

To get started, choose how many deliveries you would like your gift subscription to last for; from two to twelve. These can be sent out weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on how often your coffee lover drinks coffee.


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Something For Everyone

We have seven coffee options for you to choose from, all freshly roasted, and available in whole bean or ground for any particular device. Two of these are coffees ideal for the mornings, another two are all-day coffees, and our last two are awesome to unwind in the evening; one being our sparkling water decaffeinated coffee.

The seventh option is a mystery subscription; we will send a different bag of fresh coffee every time. A fantastic way of trying many different coffees.

With our broad range of coffee, we are sure you will find at least one awesome coffee that your coffee lover will adore.


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Like to get gifts sorted nice and early but still wondering how does a gift subscription work?? Well, if you purchase a gift subscription in advance, but you want it to be delivered on a specific date (the recipient’s birthday for example), let us know in the special instructions when you check out. We will sit on your order until it is required (not physically I would like to add).

With a gift subscription, you can have coffee delivered straight to their door. Of course, you can have it delivered to you and you can pass it on if you would like; maybe you will be invited in for a cup! We like your thinking.

Our Coffees

All of the coffee that we source and roast here at Two Chimps Coffee is speciality coffee. Speciality coffee is a much higher grade of Arabica coffee. For a coffee to obtain a speciality status, it must score 80 points or higher in a quality test. Unlike lower, commodity-grade coffee, speciality coffees produce some incredible flavours. Some are light and fruity, whereas others are sweeter with chocolatey notes.


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The coffee that we source is grown, harvested, processed and dried in an array of countries from Brazil to Rwanda.

Because we source coffee from small farms and cooperatives, when the coffee has been harvested processed, roasted and drunk, it is gone for good. With this in mind, our coffees swap every eight to twelve months or so. We don’t see this as a bad thing, however. Fresh coffee is always best, even when it is in its raw state. Also, it allows you to try new and exciting coffees from around the world!

When a coffee is coming toward the end of its time with us, we already have its equally delicious replacement. Although we will never find two coffees that are identical, we always find something very similar. For instance, if a coffee had an apple-like acidity, we would source a new coffee with a similar acidity.

If a coffee changes mid gift subscription and it isn’t liked as much as the original, get in touch and we shall exchange for another coffee instead.


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We hand roast coffee in small batches multiple times every week to ensure it is always as fresh as possible.

Roasting by hand allows us to adjust the roast if needed, allowing every batch to be consistent to the one before. For instance, if the air temperature, and therefore air pressure is different to that of the week previous, the roast could, if left unattended, run faster, or slower. Hand roasting allows tweaking on the go.

Before your coffee gift subscription leaves us on its way, we grind to suit the device it will be used in, or leave it whole bean, of course. This allows the time between grinding and it falling through their front door to be as short as possible.


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Each bag that leaves us does so with a sticker showing the date it was roasted, who by and the grind size requested. This helps with stock rotation at home, making sure the old bag is finished before the new one is started. It also assures your coffee lover that they are drinking the freshest coffee possible.


When you get to the checkout, First Class Delivery is FREE, or for an extra cost, you can choose Guaranteed Next day delivery. If next day delivery is chosen, it applies to the first order only; the coffees that follow as part of your coffee gift subscription will be sent with FREE First Class Delivery.



Coffee orders up to 250g are sent in a large letter-sized envelope which fit through a standard-sized letterbox. For larger orders, we use Royal Mail’s small parcel service. As you can imagine, this won’t fit through the letterbox without the aid of a liquidizer. If you’re worried the recipient will miss the delivery, let us know a safe place to leave the order, and we will make sure the postman knows too.

So if you’re struggling for a gift idea for a loved one, our coffee gift subscriptions are a great choice.

Just choose the length of subscription, frequency and grind size and we will do the rest. The gift that keeps on giving.

So, now we’ve answered ‘how does a gift subscription work?’ what are you waiting for? Get started here.

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