How Does My Coffee Brewing Device Make a Difference To The Taste?

Kris is here to help.


Our resident blogger and coffee lover Kris has spent the day brewing, tasting and reviewing our current offering of 6 single origin coffees.

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At Two Chimps Coffee, we encourage tasting notes from you and even include these on our coffee labels. You guys are drinking it, so it’s your opinion that counts; to us and others. If you would like to tell us what you taste, just get in touch with the team at Two Chimps HQ.

Read on to find out what Kris tastes in each coffee using the Aeropress and then the V60 dripper.

scales and coffee with v60 filter
Eyes Wide Shut – Aeropress

The first thing you are going to taste is the citrus burst; this full-bodied coffee lends itself to the Aeropress with robust flavour punching through with a nutty finish reminiscent of walnuts. While clean on the palette, the oils from brewing give the impression of a darker coffee.

Eyes Wide Shut – Filter

A very different flavour to begin. Berries for days here – unexpectedly fruity, creamy smooth and a lot lighter on the palate while retaining all the great flavour using the filter. Really easy drinking.

Not Going Right, Going Left – Aeropress

Initial mouth-watering juiciness passing into intense chocolatey smoothness. Raisins or maybe dates giving a tasty fruit finish. A seriously refreshing brew.

Not Going Right, Going Left – Filter

Light and juicy, not quite as intense as the Aeropress. Fruit and Nut flavours really come to the fore when using the filter. Again, really refreshing – this would be my choice if making Tiramisu or Zabaglione.


aeropress, stirrer and two chimps coffee label
Knickers & Gnomes – Aeropress

You might think that with this coffee being decaffeinated you will be missing out on something. This is definitely not the case. Punchy marmalade acidity with a medium body gives way to a slightly chocolatey, toasted almond or biscuit flavour like Smores!

Knickers & Gnomes – Filter

Again this starts with a mild acidity and a toasted flavour making me think of praline. This gives way to a silky smooth chocolatey palette. I actually prefer this through the filter as I think it gives a slightly more balanced brew.

4AM Club – Aeropress

Somewhat acidic opening, leading on to the flavour of stoned fruit akin to apricots. This draws into a sweet taste like golden syrup, smooth and sweet with a little kick of fruit reminding me of sticky toffee pudding. The flavours are intense but not overpowering.

4AM Club – Filter

Using the filter gives a lighter and cleaner feel on the palette. The same flavours are present, but not as fierce, letting a really mild herbal liquorice or caraway seed take the finish. Super smooth and creamy using this method. I surprise myself here, and I’m again going to say I prefer the milder palette when using the filter.


Aeropress and v60 kettle on the table
Cats Pyjamas – Aeropress

Full bodied, flavoursome and juicier than I’d expect from a Central American coffee. A dark chocolate bitterness awaits rolling into a classic, delicious toffee apple, rounding off with a nutty finish.

Cats Pyjamas – Filter

Slightly more delicate through the filter as expected, with the flavours still present and maybe even slightly refined. This allows you to taste each one as it passes over the palette, really allowing you to taste the fruity apple. This would be a perfect accompaniment to something super sweet like flapjack or Pistachio Biscotti.

Tiny Horse – Aeropress

Rich and dark, this lends itself to the Aeropress. The full-bodied flavour begins with an oaty sweetness overlaid with a citrus squeeze a little like candied peel. This feels like a strong coffee on the palette, and the flavours are intense and robust.

Tiny Horse – Filter

Through the filter, some of the intensity is lost, but not to the detriment of the flavour. Again more easily defined, this finishes with a sweet nuttiness perfect for those times where you want the flavour of an espresso with a bit of a chilled out and less intense experience.


coffee brewing in a v60 filter


It is not all of the time you have the patience, or indeed the time(!) to brew the same coffee in different brewing devices, and are then able to taste the difference between the two.

I’ve definitely learned something new whilst experimenting with the two different brew methods for the same coffee. They can change the impression of the same roast with quite startling results.

kettle, aeropress, mug and v60 filter

I like my coffee strong and dark yet in the case of Knickers & Gnomes and 4AM Club I preferred the flavours presented when using the filter.

Being able to grind the beans for each brew method and using them side by side is something I’d recommend if you’re a coffee lover. I guarantee you’ll be surprised.

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