How much caffeine in double espresso?

How much caffeine in a double espresso?


Double, double toil and trouble… it’s time to check out double espresso caffeine! But before asking how much caffeine in a double espresso, let’s take a closer look at the well-that-sure-wakes-you-up double shot espresso…


top of kg bag of fresh two chimps coffee



What is a double espresso?

You know espresso coffee is small and strong. A double shot espresso is much the same… just a bit less small!

The double espresso – or ‘doppio,’ as the Italians call it – does what it says on the tin. Whereas a single espresso features one shot of espresso in a glass, the double features two shots in one single-serving glass.

You make a double espresso in the same way as you do a single: by using a coffee machine to push pressurized hot water through densely packed grounds. The taste is the same, too. This means it’s time to get ready for coffee that’s intense, concentrated, thick and full-bodied. Deeelish!


But the key difference? The yield. Check it out here:

Single Espresso = 1 ounce (30ml)

Double Espresso = 2 ounces (60ml)


Double shot espresso pouring into an orange mug



How much caffeine in double espresso?

So, double espresso caffeine? What’s the low-down?

It’s impossible to give a definite answer here because every espresso is different. The amount of caffeine in a double espresso depends on a handful of important factors:


Single shots tend to have between 45 and 75mg of caffeine each. The average is 63 mg. If you’re going deluxe and ordering a double, you can expect a caffeine boost of between 70 and 120mg per double shot.


double espresso vs single espresso infographic





More about the double espresso

How much coffee do I need for a double shot espresso?

So, you’ve got your bag of coffee and are feeling awesome. You are eager-beaver keen and can’t wait to brew! But you also know that the measurement stuff is super important. Just a few grams here and there can drastically alter the final cup.

Don’t fret: it’s not hard to get the right amount of coffee. The brew ratios for single and doubles espresso are the same: one part coffee to two parts water. A single espresso takes 7g of finely ground coffee and produces 30ml. It’s big brother, on the other hand, needs 14g of coffee to make 60ml of lush, richly textured espresso.


fresh coffee grounds tipping from a grinder into a portafilter




Is double espresso a strong coffee?

You know that espressos are punchy, right? That thick, full-bodied shot… it’s just the ticket on a bleary eyed morning!

But let’s be more specific. It’s not that espresso has more caffeine than a latte, americano or cappuccino (these are all made with espresso, remember), but that it is more concentrated. You might sip a latte while nattering with friends. Your double espresso, meanwhile, gets downed pretty quickly! The espresso will taste much stronger because of the absence of extra water, milk and foam but will contain the same amount of caffeine as a latte or americano. Providing you’re also making that latte or americano with a double shot, of course.

And the other coffee shop staples – how does double espresso caffeine compare? Here are the deets:

  • Double espresso = 70 and 120mg caffeine
  • Average mug filter or cafetiere coffee (300ml) = 120-140mg caffeine
  • Average mug tea = 75mg caffeine
  • Can of Diet Coke = 46mg caffeine


Tamping fresh coffee grounds



How to make double espresso

Coffee shops are cool, but why not DIY-it and make double espresso at home?! Here’s a super-simple recipe:

  1. Start by purging your espresso machine. This removes any coffee or milk residue lingering from your last brew
  2. Grind your coffee if you are using wholebeans. You want a fine ground similar to soft sugar. Otherwise, grab some fresh Two Chimps ground for espresso
  3. Add 14g of ground coffee to the portafilter
  4. Distribute the coffee in the basket using your finger and then tamp with medium pressure to ensure the grounds are evenly distributed and have a flat top
  5. Insert the portafilter to the group head
  6. Start your shot and extract for around 25 seconds
  7. Watch out for the espresso ‘blonding’ – this is where the coffee starts to turn thin and yellow in colour. Stop the shot just as this process begins
  8. Keep experimenting with grind size, extraction time and coffee amount until you get the perfect espresso for you!

Double espresso extracting into two coffee mugs


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