How much coffee do I need for my subscription?

I’m setting up a subscription (great move, coffee lover!), but how much coffee should I get? Help!


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How much coffee do I need?

If you are asking yourself this question, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most frequent of frequently asked questions here at the roastery. When you join our bespoke coffee club, we ask you a few quick questions to make sure we get your coffee plan spot on. Question no. 2 asks you how much you want to subscribe to: 250g, 500g or 1kg? And how often, that’s numero tres. Are weekly deliveries your winner, or are you all for monthly mug top-ups?

Or are you thinking, ‘how the heck do I know?! You’re the coffee nerds – you tell me!’ Okey dokey, can do. We’ve got two faff-free ways to help you work out how much coffee you need in your subscription. Let’s check them out!


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A little bit of (calculator aided) mental maths

First method: DIY it and calculate how much coffee you need with a few quick sums. Start by asking yourself how much coffee you drink per day. Let’s say you and your partner brew coffee in an 8 cup cafetière once a day. We recommend 50g of ground coffee for a cafetière, which means you use 50g of lovely coffee per day. Then, multiply your daily amount by seven to get your weekly coffee usage. Our imaginary couple (let’s call them Kate and Wills ), therefore, use 350g (50×7) of coffee each week.

Boom! There you have it: your weekly coffee usage without too much maths.


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Use the Coffee Wizard

Not feeling the numbers today? No problem. Simply head over to our Coffee Wizard, and he’ll do it all for you. He’ll also recommend the best coffee for you while he’s at it because he really is that cool.

First off, the Wizard asks you when you like to drink coffee (mug in the morning? Only after dinner?). Then he needs to know the device you use and whether you want whole beans or freshly ground coffee. Fourth and final is how often you enjoy a cup. We’re not asking you to keep a tally – a rough estimate will do just fine.

Click a button, wait as the Wizard works his magic (warning: a few puffs of smoke may come from your screen) and then, volia: your perfect subscription plan will appear! The Wizard suggests a coffee you’ll love, as well as the amount and delivery frequency that’ll suit your coffee habits. You can browse our full range while you’re there to see if anything else takes your fancy, too. Whether you go with the Wizard’s idea or opt for a different coffee entirely, this is the quickest and brain-kindest way to work out how much coffee you need for the best coffee plan EVER.

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Matchy-Matchy: but the numbers don’t add up?

Flick back up to our caffeinated couple. How much coffee should they order for their subscription? We think weekly deliveries of 500g, ground for a cafetière, would be a groovy way to start. ‘Ahh,’ you’re thinking, ‘I see what you are doing here, getting them to order more than they need. Nice little earner for Two Chimps, isn’t it?’

Nope, that’s not it. We’re genuine people at TC and always want you to drink the best coffee. Overordering isn’t the way to great brews: your fresh coffee ends up hanging about, going stale and tasting dull.


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No, we speak from experience when we advise rounding up rather than rounding down. The first reason is simple: no one wants to run out of coffee mid-way through the week or month. We also know that you coffee lovers are a social bunch and often brew for your family and friends. So, if Kate and Wills are brewing an extra cafetière for a visitor (let’s call her Lizzie), their 350g soon becomes 400g. Maybe they’ve done a bit of coffee baking, too? Now they’re getting to the bottom of their bag and are ready for the next delivery. Great news – it’s coming tomorrow! Isn’t that well timed?

No worries, though, if you do find yourself with a little extra coffee. Simple get in touch or use the live chat on our website and we can pause your subscription until you’ve used up your current delivery. No stress, just great coffee ground and posted when you need it!

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Need this simplicity in your life? Then join the troop and subscribe today!


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