How to buy your dad the perfect coffee gift this Father’s Day

Dad, can you get the spider?

Dad, can you pick me up tonight?

Dad, pleeeeease can I have a pony?


We’re always asking our dad for a favour. So, this Father’s Day, say thank you with a cracking just-for-dad gift. The best presents are those that are a little bit different, something that makes a change from the socks-and-smellies combo you’ve relied on for years.


1kg bag of coffee on table with mug


Two Chimps Coffee – independent and endlessly fun!

Luckily, we’ve got the answer! If you’re looking for that extra special present with a touch of fun, try giving Dad a Father’s Day coffee gift on June 20th! We’re an independent coffee roaster with a difference. We’re down-to-earth, love a laugh and don’t get snooty about good coffee. All our coffees are top-grade speciality, but this doesn’t mean they’ve got to be serious! Plenty of coffee knowledge and a cracking sense of humour keeps things fun as well as delicious.

So, what makes our coffees taste so good? It’s a combination of factors. Firstly, you’ve got our speciality coffee beans that score 80 points or above on the Q Graders’ scale. These are the crème de la crème of coffee beans: premium beans picked when perfectly ripe and cared for at every stage of the process.

Then, there’s our small-batch roasting at our Rutland roastery. We roast by hand multiple times a week to make sure we’re always sending out the very freshest, tastiest beans to your door. So there you have it: top coffee, cheery humour. The odd dad joke. Sorted!


Coffee beans in roaster drum

Which coffee to choose for dad this Father’s Day

Personalised gifts are always best, so make this Father’s Day extra special by choosing the perfect coffee for his tastebuds. Every coffee variety is unique, and we tailor our roast methods to enhance the flavour of different beans. You will find three main types of roasting: light, medium and dark.

Lighter roasts are more reminiscent of the bean as it was picked from the tree; they are brighter, fruitier and slightly more acidic. Darker roasts, meanwhile, spend more time in the roaster and will be chocolatey brown rather than light and matte in colour. Dark roasts are more toffee-like because the sugars have caramelised further in the roasting process.


Coffee beans and dial


Medium roasts sit happily between the two. You’ll find the brighter acidity of a lighter roast that’s just starting to take on deeper, richer flavours. Think dark chocolate and raspberry, or maybe roasted almond with zingy lemon. Best of both and utterly delicious.

Think about the foods your dad likes. What is his go-to pud? Something light and fruity or dense and delicious? Bear his favourite flavours in mind and you’re on your way to the perfect Father’s Day gift!

Coffee cherries

How does Dad brew?

It’s also worth considering which brew method your dad prefers when choosing his coffee. All our coffees taste awesome in every device, but you will find that some roasts suit certain methods. Take lighter roasts, for example. These brew nicely in gravity methods such as a V60, Chemex or cafetière. Why? It’s all down to the low pressure created by these devices, which gives the floral flavours room to shine. Lighter roasts also contain more moisture and are less porous, so need more time in contact with the water. Pressure methods speed up the extraction, so don’t give lighter roasts quite enough time to steep and share all their lush flavours. If your dad isn’t a filter fan but prefers a moka pot, AeroPress or espresso (#caffeine), we’d recommend a medium or medium/dark roast.

Or, perhaps you’d like to make Father’s Day the Day of the New Device? We’ve got an awesome range of coffee gifts and coffee equipment that will Change. His. Life.

And yours, too, because you’ll have to sample, right?


V60 Coffee Dripper and swan neck kettle

Limited-edition with lots of love

It’s easy to know what flavour combos to choose at Christmas or Easter, but what about Father’s Day? What do we put in our limited-edition Father’s Day coffee?

Coffee beans that are 100% cool – what else! We’ve sourced the very best artisan coffee from Kenya, a country renowned for the delicious complexity of its beans. Daddy Cool is an unmissable washed-process coffee grown in the nutrient-rich red soil around Mount Kenya. The flavour notes get gold stars all round: cosy clove spice mingling with blackcurrant and lemon pie freshness. Blimey, this coffee is cool!


Daddy Cool Gift set


More choice for choosy dads

We’ve got lots of options to make Dad’s day truly unique. As well as bags of freshly roasted coffee, we’ve created a collection of Father’s Day Coffee Gifts that will truly hit the mark. Coffee Gift Subscriptions are another great choice for dads wanting top coffee on repeat. And, for those dads who say they don’t want anything but really do (we know them too well), there’s our Coffee Lovers Gift Voucher – it’s the fail-safe Father’s Day option!


ultimate gift box


You’ve ticked off many of the tried-and-tested presents; now go for something a little bit different with some lovely Two Chimps coffee.

It’s the gift he’ll love – so much, in fact, it might even get you that pony…


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