How To Drink Coffee & Be Environmentally Friendly

We all like to do our bit for the environment right?

Well, what if we told you that you could do your bit while drinking your favourite beverage, just by making the odd small change? There are many ways that you can become more environmentally friendly. Let’s take a look.

Brewing Device

Firstly, let’s look at brewing devices.

None of the coffee brewing devices we stock need electricity to brew coffee. Sure, you still need hot water, but by boiling just the amount you need, you can reduce the amount of power used in comparison to a home espresso machine.

Alternatively, light a fire and boil your water that way. If you want to create a similar coffee to that of your espresso machine, take a peek at an Aeropress or Moka Pot.


coffee mug orange


This device is super simple to use and is capable of making up to 4 cups of coffee a minute. It can also be used in lots of different ways, depending on the user’s preference.

Use the Aeropress to create a super smooth and rich coffee. This device is also straightforward to clean. Check out our easy to follow guide to see how to brew with this device.

aeropress coffee maker

Moka Pot

The Moka Pot produces a rich and espresso-style coffee in just a few minutes. The Biaellti’s distinct shape allows the heat to diffuse properly throughout, which in turn enhances the aroma of your coffee.

Choose from the 3 cup or 6 cup device depending on how much coffee you want to make at a time. Sure, to heat you will need to pop this on the hob, but these also work on open fire too. Check out our guide for this device to see how to brew using a Moka pot.


moka pot and kettle

Takeaway Cups

Secondly, how about a reusable cup? It’s great to pick up a coffee when you are out and about, and you can help the environment by taking your own cup with you too. This, in turn, means that less one use cups end up in landfill. Win-win.

Don’t have a reusable cup? Grab one here or, treat yourselves to a Two Chimps enamel coffee mug!

Coffee Pods

Use coffee pods? Did you know 39,000 coffee capsules are produced every minute with 29,000 of those ending up in landfill sites? Don’t panic; there is a solution.

Firstly, you could look towards proper coffee. Grab a cafetiere for instance, then use the coffee grounds in your compost pile.


two cafetieres


Alternatively, if we cannot steal you away from the convenience of coffee pods just yet, rather than using regular coffee pods, we recommend purchasing reusable pods.

Not only does this mean you are keeping coffee pods out of landfill sites, but, if you fill these with Two Chimps Coffee, you will also be drinking better coffee – it’s a win-win!

Have a read of our blog about coffee pods for more info.


espresso pouring from an espresso machine


When making coffee, the humble coffee filter plays a part; dependent on the device you choose. Without them, the flavours cannot be extracted, and the grounds will be mixed in with the liquid.

Often paper filters are bleached with chlorine or oxygen. Oxygen is more environmentally friendly than chlorine, although it is still a chemical process with waste products. To avoid this, make the switch to unbleached paper filters or reusable filters.


Chemex with Coffee


Used Coffee Grounds

Did you know that if you have a compost pile, 20% of it can be made up from used coffee grounds?

Coffee grinds add nitrogen to the heap, and, in turn, the soil. Used, natural, unbleached coffee filters can be added to your compost pile too.


coffee ground on plants in the garden


If your plants are always getting attacked by slugs and snails we have a solution for you also. By sprinkling used coffee grounds around the base of your plants helps to ward off the attackers without the use of chemicals. Nice.

Check out our used coffee grounds blog to see what else you can do!

It’s super easy to do your bit and become more environmentally friendly while still enjoying a coffee. Hopefully, after reading this, you will take on board some of the points and implement them into your coffee drinking!


espresso extraction


Want to read some more? Check out how to reuse our coffee bags too.

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