How to find the best coffee for the office?

Look no further! Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we freshly roast coffee by hand at our roastery.

We are proud to say that all of our coffee is ethically sourced from smallholding farms all over the world.

We’re an independent roastery in Oakham providing the best and freshest coffee possible. And as we’ve been roasting the best coffee for a while now, it’s fair to say we know a bit about coffee. Please don’t think we know it all, however. We are always open and ready to learn more. As they say, every day is a school day! But, we do know what really good coffee tastes like and believe that our coffee is the best around and also believe that the best coffee for the office is right here.


blowing on a hot mug of coffee

Our coffees

So, you have found the best office coffee; let us explain what we do to make it the best. To start, we only source speciality coffee, which is the highest grade of coffee you can find. We use our trusted importer to source the best coffee from coffee farmers who work really hard throughout the process to ensure their coffee is the best it can be. We choose green beans based on their flavour profiles, which we collect from a UK based warehouse when required. The beans are transported carefully in hessian sacks, lined with plastic ‘grain pro’ bags to ensure the coffee stays fresh during its journey. We believe that fresh is best and therefore all our coffees are roasted, by hand, multiple times each week in small batches to make sure that every bag you receive it as fresh as possible.


png trio of three new coffees from two chimps coffee

All part of the service

We believe that the best coffee for the office needs the best service too. As a customer, not only do you get the best high-quality coffee, at its freshest, whenever you want, with free postage AND training, but we’ll also help you learn more.

If you already have an espresso machine at work, we’ll set this up for you correctly, so you get the best from your coffee. We’ll ensure that your machine is running at its full potential; otherwise, you may find that the freshly roasted coffee we have provided doesn’t taste its best. For instance, if coffee is over-extracted, it can taste bitter; however, if under-extracted, it can leave a sour taste in your mouth. As mentioned, speciality coffee is the highest grade of coffee and therefore, setting up your machine correctly is super important to find all those wonderful flavours locked up inside the bean.


coffee being ground into a portafilter


Brewing devices

So, you have found the best coffee for the office; now you need a way to make it. Not every office has the need for an espresso machine, so luckily there are plenty of other options out there to get the best out of your coffee. We’ll visit your office and talk about the different devices available to brew your coffee if you are looking for a new solution, and how we can supply your coffee to suit.

Your personal coffee preference will decipher what brew device is right for you. For instance, if you like your coffee potent and more concentrated, then a Handpresso or Moka pot is best for you. Or, if you prefer a lighter coffee, then a cafetiere or AeroPress may suit you best. There’s also a drip filter machine, allowing you to have fresh coffee on demand in the office all day!




Being a wholesale coffee customer means you never have to worry about running out of coffee again. If you’re having a busy day and you’ve run out of coffee, that’s not ideal! And the last thing you want to do is nip to the shop to get a jar of instant after having tasted the best coffee ever!

Well, that’s not something you need to worry about anymore. If you order your coffee from us at Two Chimps towers, you decide when your coffee is delivered and, you don’t even need to remember to call. We’ll contact you every week to see how your coffee stock is doing. If there are only a few beans left in the bag, then we’ll roast for you and have your coffee with you by the Wednesday or Thursday.

Where possible, we hand deliver your coffee so that you can see our lovely faces and say hello! We also want to check that everything is OK and if you have any questions, we’ll happily answer them. If we cant hand deliver, then we send your fresh coffee by courier instead.

As a top tip, we always recommend ordering little and often from us. We roast coffee multiple times every week, so your coffee is always fresh, plus delivery is free, so there is no extra cost for multiple deliveries. We can even provide you with takeaway cups, coffee filters, cleaning products and point of sale material, so you can tell everyone that you love Two Chimps Coffee!

Two Chimps Coffee Delivery

Want to learn more about coffee?

Fancy a few hours out of the office?  We run several workshops and courses here at Chimps Headquarters, all of which will help you learn lots about coffee. We have An Introduction to Specialty Coffee course, Create your own coffee blend course, Home Brewing Coffee Workshop, a Barista Basic Coffee Workshop and finally an Introduction to Latte Art Workshop. So, if you want to learn more, arrange a visit.

During the courses, you’ll learn more about what we do at Two Chimps, about speciality coffee in general and why it is so special and much more. Most importantly, you’ll get to taste loads of coffee!

How can I get my hands your coffee?

That’s easy. We are here to help you choose the best coffee for the office. We have a great website packed with information about everything coffee. You will find the history of coffee, how to brew coffee, along with recipes, a shop with all our coffees and kit and information about us. If you can’t find what you need online, then feel free to contact us, and we’ll answer all your questions!

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