How To Find The Right Coffee For Me?

Trying to find the right coffee for you can sometimes be tricky.

Is a lighter roast to your taste for instance? Or do you like a coffee that you can drink all day? So many questions! Don’t panic however; we’re here to help! Firstly, let’s introduce you to our coffee wizard.

Coffee Wizard

Want awesome coffee, but don’t know where to start? Try our coffee wizard.

By answering just four simple questions, our wizard uses a bag full of magical coffee powers to create a coffee subscription tailored to you. The questions are super simple too. See them below. To add, they are all multiple choice; even easier!

  • What time of day you do drink coffee?
  • What coffee device do you like to make your coffee with?
  • Would you like it ground for a particular device? Or would you prefer it whole bean?
  • How often do you drink coffee?


coffee in an orange mug with a kettle and tin


Not only does the wizard suggest a coffee for you, it even recommends a quantity and frequency for your coffee subscription!

However, if you don’t like the sound of the coffee the wizard has chosen, you will find all of our coffees at the bottom of the page.

Coffee Samples

Want to try before you dive into a full bag?

No problem. All of our coffees are available as a 50g sample bag too. Like our full-sized bags available through our shop, our sample bags are ground to suit your brewing device perfectly, or left in whole bean if you prefer.


coffee in hands

Speciality coffee

All of the coffee we roast here at Two Chimps HQ is speciality coffee. Speciality coffee is the best of the best. It has been lovingly grown, harvested, processed and roasted before it makes its way to you. Not only is our speciality coffee ethically sourced, but it tastes amazing too! Maybe this is the link you have been looking for? Commodity graded coffee is often over-roasted and bitter. Maybe this isn’t for you? It certainly isn’t for us! We prefer coffee with naturally smooth and sweet flavours and we are sure you will too.

Country of Origin

Something to think about when choosing the right coffee for you is where the coffee has come from. Coffee is grown throughout the world and the natural flavours found within the coffee vary from country to country. For instance, if you love the sound of a chocolatey sweet coffee, look for a coffee from Brazil. Or, if you love the thought of a coffee that is bursting full of fruit and is like nothing you have ever tasted before, look at a coffee from Africa; maybe an Ethiopian coffee.


a view of a coffee farm in brazil


As mentioned, African coffees often have lighter and fruitier flavours. They also tend to have quite floral flavours too. Coffee growing countries in Africa have some of the best growing conditions anywhere in the world and in turn, produce some incredible coffees.

Coffees from Central America have very varied flavours with some having fruity notes similar to the African coffees we spoke about whereas others are more chocolatey. Costa Rican and Guatemalan coffees are typically full-bodied and rich. Generally, you will find chocolatey and toffee-like flavours here. On the other hand, Mexican coffees are lighter in flavour with delicate fruity notes.



South America is home to two of the largest coffee producing countries in the world; Brazil and Colombia. These two countries produce very different coffees. Brazilian coffees have a heavy body and nutty flavours. You will also find chocolatey notes here too. Colombian coffees often have a slightly fruity finish with a full body.

So as you can see, the flavours of speciality coffee vary greatly. It’s worth mentioning that the flavours described above are very general. As each of our coffees comes from a farm or washing station within a country, its flavour profile may be a little more specific than those mentioned above. When looking through our range of fresh coffee, be sure to have a read of the information below the ‘tell me more’ section. Read our blog to find out more about how the country of origin impacts your cup.


ripe cherries being picked

Roast Profile

As mentioned right at the top, maybe you would prefer a lighter roast? You may see a coffee being described as a lighter or darker roast. What is the difference? Well, the roast profile of a coffee will determine the flavours you will find within the coffee.

A lighter roast is where the beans are kept in the roaster for a shorter amount of time. As a generalisation, this means the natural sugars within the beans have had less time to caramelise, which is ideal if you’re looking for fruitier and floral flavours.


coffee beans falling out of the cooling tray


On the other hand, a medium to darker roast is where the beans are kept in the roaster for longer to allow the natural sugars to caramelise more. With this in mind, we will never roast our coffees so dark that they become burnt or bitter.; just enough to bring out those chocolatey and toffee-sweet flavours.

To explain a little further, imagine you are making toffee sauce on the hob. The longer you leave the sugar to caramelise and the darker it becomes. Through a caramel, to toffee, to bonfire toffee, to burnt. The same applies to coffee; the longer we leave the roast, the more the sugars caramelise.


coffee in sample trowel from roaster


Now you know what to look out for, choosing the right coffee for you should be a breeze. However, if you do need any extra help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Head over to the wizard to get started on your own freshly roasted coffee subscription!

Coffee Wizard

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