How to make the best coffee at a dinner party

How to make the best coffee at a gathering or dinner party.

Got friends and family coming round this evening? Love your coffee but don’t know how to serve so many people at once? Then read on.

Our chosen brew method for multiple coffees at once is a Chemex. Don’t have one yet? Head over to our shop to order your own Chemex 6 Cup Coffee Maker now. They are so easy to use and are super stylish too.

How to make the best coffee.

There are a few things you will need to make the best coffee at the end of your evening.

Your favourite freshly roasted coffee
A Chemex
Filter papers for the above
Retro, funky, posh or fancy mugs
A swan-necked kettle and a hand grinder are preferable but don’t worry too much. As long as you have ground coffee and hot water.

Hario Swan neck kettle and box
If you do have a Hario hand grinder, top up with beans and pass it around the table for everyone to have a grind/go.

Hario ceramic coffee mill with box
Next, boil the kettle in your Hario swan neck kettle. Rinse your filter with the hot water to remove any chance of a paper taste.

Pop your coffee in the Chemex filter and delicately start pouring your water over to wet the grounds. Next, continue pouring water through your coffee bed using a recommended ratio of 1:16.

Over exaggerated hand movements explaining how you are circling your water over the coffee grounds makes you look super swish about now.

looking on top of a chemex and 6 mugs
Make sure you tell your lovely friends to check out your bloom – yes we said bloom. You can explain that this is the gases escaping from your coffee – the fresher the coffee – the bigger the bloom!

water being poured into a chemex
Once all of your water has dripped through, discard your filter and pour elegantly into your mugs of choice. Offer milk, cream, and sugar from fancy jars and miniature milk bottles. Then watch your friend’s jaws drop.

Cup of coffee with a swan neck kettle
When they leave, get your groove on and do a happy dance whilst singing to your favourite tune. We agree – you totally rocked it! Be safe in the knowledge that you have learnt how to make the best coffee at a dinner party. Now, invite some more friends around. Rinse and repeat.

For a more detailed guide to brewing coffee using your device, check out our brew guides for making coffee.

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