It’s 6.33am, and you’ve just woken up. You’re in that odd half-awake, half-asleep stage, your mind still foggy with just-remembered dreams… ?

You’re in the state of threshold consciousness! Cool!

But you can’t stay here forever. It’s Monday morning, and you need a good morning coffee to get you up, at ‘em and out the door!


Bright, Zingy Light Roast Coffee

Good job, then, that we’ve got a morning coffee for you! The Oodle Monkey Stole My Coconuts is our new light roast coffee. It’s sunshiny and fresh with fruity flavours of pink grapefruit and lemon – just the ticket for putting a spring in your early morning step! Pair this with the coffee’s wild flower honey sweetness, and you’ve got a morning cup tasting of sunshine. It’s a dream! The kind that stays real when you wake…

Whether you’re looking for light roast whole bean coffee or super-fresh ground coffee, The Oodle Monkey Stole My Coconuts is your coffee of choice!

The Best Morning Coffee for your Cup

Head roaster Andy keeps the clock in mind when hand roasting your coffee. There are no hard-and-fast rules, of course, but certain coffees do tend to suit certain times of the day or night. Bright tasting punchy coffees are great for morning (hello, caffeine!), while rich, cosy cups do nicely in the evening.

Want to know the best morning coffees in our range? Just take a look at the label colours – the coffees with the blue and yellow labels are awesome in the AM! The yellow-labelled lovely will always be a lighter, fruitier roast, while the one with the blue tag tends to be fuller and creamier. Both will be delicious. Obvs.

How to Brew Light roast Coffee Beans

Whether you’ve bought fresh ground coffee (always ground by our team on the day of dispatch) or opted for light roast whole bean coffee, you’ll want to know the best way to brew.

Now, we’re not going to tell you you’ve got to brew x way or use y device. Because that sounds bossy, and bossiness isn’t cool. The brew device is totally up to you! You might like the kind of coffee a moka pot makes, or filter might be more your thing.

Fancy a top tip? If you’re looking to buy light roast coffee and like the look of Oodle Monkey, try using a filter device or cafetiere. The lower porosity of light roast coffee beans makes the steadier rate of filter and cafetiere brewing just perfect! Pressure methods can be fab too, but they can make your lighter roasted coffee taste a tad too bright.

Want to learn more about brewing and become a coffee making MAESTRO? Then grab your Two Chimps Brew Guide. It’s totally FREE and delivered straight to your door! Awwwesome!


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Buy Rwanda Coffee

Every bag of Two Chimps is single-origin and ethically sourced. And this dreamy morning coffee is no different!

We source this light roast whole bean coffee from the Nyanza district in southern Rwanda. Family farmers, each managing farms of around 1.5 hectares each, grow the Bourbon variety in fertile red soil. And this, along with the tropical rainfall and abundance of sunshine, make Nyanza a first-class coffee region!

The smallholder farmers come together to supply the Kibirizi washing station – a speciality station taking the crown as one of Rwanda’s highest wetmills. Skilled workers process the beans using the washed method, the best kind of coffee processing for highlighting bright flavours and crystal clean tastes. Just another reason why this light roasted coffee is so lush…

Where Does the Name Come From?

A coconut-nabbing Oodle Monkey… What’s that all about?

This fruity coffee’s name comes from the inbetweeny weirdness of threshold consciousness.

Our alarm sounded one morning and we jumped out of bed…

Jokes. We didn’t… we hit snooze and snuggled back down in our half-asleep, half-awake dreamy state.

But something is going through our mind – the cloudy remnants of a dream? We’re seeing a silver Oodle Monkey taking coconuts from our coconut tree (not that we have one)…

And the name for these light roast coffee beans was born!

Looking to buy light roast coffee for your morning cup? This zingy, honey-sweet coffee is the answer to your dreams!


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