Introducing Unicorn Resource Locator: our lush new morning coffee!

Put unicorns in your cup for the best morning coffee to date! ?

An extra spring in our step: it’s what we all need in the morning. But what about a gallop, a flutter and a sparkly swish? Imagine what your morning would be like then.




Good news, morning caffeinators, because we’ve got the coffee for you! Say hello to Unicorn Resource Locator, the latest single origin, organically certified coffee to join our range (really do say hello – it’s waving back at you!). We selected these Ethiopian beans for their lively taste and natural sweetness and roast them lighter to put their berry notes centre-stage. Because they deserve it – that fruity brightness is something else! This coffee is available as a one-off purchase or our subscription service.


What does it taste like?

Oooh Steve Jobs, please can you invent tasteable technology? Because then we could send a sip through the screen, and you could taste how utterly delectable this coffee is! If you’re desperate, order a coffee sample here.

The acidity of fresh summer berries balances the mellow sweetness, while notes of vanilla give a marshmallowy flavour we’re not even trying to resist. There’s the creaminess of chocolate (now this is how you have chocolate for breakfast!) and a little citrus zing of bergamot to round it off in style.


Glass bowl of frozen berries on wooden board with metal spoon and sugar cubes



We can’t put the flavour on your screen (*sob*) but we can do the next best thing – here’s the link to get your very own berry-tasting coffee today!


This coffee comes from paradise, right?

URL tastes so good, we were sure it was grown in fairyland.

But, no, we can promise you, it’s grown right here in reality – phew!

Take a trip to the Ethiopian region of Guji and you’ll find a hamlet called Dansia. Here, a skilled cooperative of 37 farmers grow this coffee at high altitudes. Each farmer owns around three hectares of rich, red land that’s perfectly situated beneath a canopy of trees. Shady conditions produce scrummy coffee by slowing down the beans’ growth rate. The result? A quality bean that’s sweet as a treat!


It’s a new day (to drink coffee)!

Here at Two Chimps, we keep the clock in mind when sourcing our coffees. There are no rules, of course, but we do find that certain coffees are particularly tasty at certain times of the day. No need to get your spreadsheet out and decode which ones to drink when; we’ve done some nifty colour coding to keep things easy.


Using swan neck kettle to pour water into a v60 dripper


Our blue and yellow-labelled coffees are ideal for mornings: they pack the punch you need to get you up and about! The yellow coffee, of which URL is happily one, will always be a lighter, fruitier roast. Bright and sprightly, they’re the best way to start your day sunny side up!


Let’s get to the brew!

How should you brew light roast coffee? Once again, there are no rules. We’re not keen on rules, can you tell?

We would, however, recommend a cafetière or filter device for your Unicorn Resource Locator coffee. As a light roast coffee, it is naturally acidic, so you might want to skirt round methods that accentuate acidity.  We’re mainly referring to pressure methods here, which bump up the acidity in a coffee. That’s why a cafetière is a great option: the slower extraction process draws out a little less acidity, so it’s a heaven-made match for naturally acidic coffees.


Brewing accurate coffee with drip scales, swan neck kettle and Chemex


Pour over methods like the Chemex and V60 are another good shout. Lighter roast coffees are bouncing with flavour complexities and you want to make sure you taste them all, obviously. This is why pour over brewers are a top choice: they are the best method for drawing out all the intricacies in a good coffee. Because when there’s this much goodness, it’s totally acceptable to want it all!


What even is a Unicorn Resource Locator??

We have absolutely no idea. Not the foggiest. The name came when Head Chimp Andy was reading a book about the web. He hadn’t had his morning coffee, you see, and mistook Uniform Resource Locator (that’s what url stands for) as Unicorn Resource Locator.


Holding a red mug


And that got us thinking… what would a Unicorn Resource Locator be like? Free coffee if you can find us one ?

Unicorn Resource Locator: the best light roast coffee for your morning cup!


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