Is A Coffee Subscription For Me?

Are you thinking of starting a coffee subscription with us?

Wondering whether it’s for you? Don’t panic! Let’s look together into some questions you may have about starting a coffee subscription below.

Why Bother With A Coffee Subscription?

Having a coffee subscription gives you a steady flow of awesome, freshly roasted coffee. It also means you won’t need to take any emergency trips to your local supermarket for a bag of ‘whatever is left’ when you have run out.


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Our coffee subscriptions are bespoke too. Depending on how much coffee you drink, you can choose to have your coffee delivered to you on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Having your coffee delivered to you frequently allows you to enjoy the freshest cup, each and every time.

Is A Subscription Easy To Set Up?

Yes, super easy. Either use our coffee wizard to help you find the perfect subscription for you, or search through our shop to find the coffee for you. From here, choose the size, grind and frequency and we will do the rest.


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Subsequent delivery payments are taken automatically from your bank on the anniversary of your subscription (for instance, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.) One less thing to worry about.

Is The Coffee High Quality?

We only source and roast speciality coffees. Throughout their whole life they are looked after; from when they are grown, harvested and processed to when we receive them for roasting.

For a coffee to gain the ‘speciality’ title, it must receive a quality score of 80 points or above. To find this quality score, coffee cupping is used. When cupping coffees, everything is done the same to ensure the test is fair. If all other variables are the same, the only part making a difference is the coffee itself. Q Graders; the people who judge the coffees, will look at things such as taste, body, acidity, mouthfeel and defects.



All our coffees are sourced from small farms and cooperatives around the world. As a result of this, our selection changes from time to time. Once a coffee has been harvested, processed, shipped, roasted and drunk, it is gone for good. Factors such as climate have a huge effect on coffee growth, which is why, among other things, you won’t ever find two identical coffees. With this in mind, when we need to replace a coffee, we will always look for one with very similar flavours. For example, if a coffee we were replacing had an apple acidity, we would look for a coffee which had a similar fruity acidity.

What If I Don’t Like The Coffee I’m Receiving?

No problem. If for whatever reason you are no longer enjoying the coffee, just shout. We can look to find an alternative for you. With our range of at least six different coffees, we are sure to find something that you love. We have coffees for all times of the day with various roast profiles, so there really is something for everyone.


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I Don’t Want The Same Coffee Each Time

That’s cool. We have a mystery subscription which may be just the ticket. We will send you a different coffee each time your subscription is due to leave us.

Where Can You Post?

We post anywhere within the UK. If you live local to the roastery, we hand-deliver your subscription to you. Alternatively, if you’d like to pick your subscription up from the roastery, just let us know.

We send everything for free too, using royal mails first class delivery service. More often than not, this is delivered the next day, Monday to Saturday. If you want your first coffee subscription as soon as possible (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you) choose guaranteed next day by 1 pm for an additional charge.


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Am I In Control?

Of course. As a coffee subscription club member, you are in complete control. Either use your online account to pause and reactivate your subscription as you need, or contact us and we will adjust your subscription for you.

If you are going on holiday for instance and worried about missing your subscription, don’t panic. Just head into your account and pause your subscription. Just be sure to restart it when you get back, we don’t want you running out of coffee!

Want to swap your coffee subscription for another coffee? No problem. Get in touch with the team and we can swap this for you.


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Are Contracts Involved?

No, when you start a coffee subscription with us, you are not tied into any contract. So, if the time comes for us to part company, you can do so by cancelling your subscription. We will stop sending you freshly roasted coffee immediately and your payment will no longer be taken. We will miss you if you leave though.

How Do I Know My Coffee Is Fresh?

We hand roast our coffees multiple times every week; in small batches. By roasting in small batches, we know that the coffee is always as fresh as it can be. This means you are brewing the freshest coffee possible too.


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Fresh is best, and you really can taste the difference. Don’t just take our word for it though! When you receive your first coffee subscription, taste how fresh it is. If coffee has been stored for a while, it will begin to lose its flavours, resulting in dull, musty notes. Our freshly roasted coffees are completely the opposite; full of vibrant flavours and a delight in every mouthful.

Finally, on every bag of coffee that you receive, there is a sticker showing the date it was roasted, who by and the grind size requested.

To keep your coffee as fresh as possible, if you prefer ground coffee we grind just before it leaves us. We also only use coffee bags that include a one-way valve. This allows the gasses to escape from the coffee but stops oxygen entering and starting the staling process.

And there we have it. A little more information about our coffee subscriptions. Have questions that we have not answered? Just shout.

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