Is Awesome Coffee Coming to a Village Green Near You?

Sitting comfy? Coffee in hand? Brill; that is what we like to see.

Ready to read about the latest Two Chimps troop member? Even better. Let’s dive in.

Rural Coffee Connect

We are very excited to introduce you to Rural Coffee Connect; a community project using coffee to connect people.

rural coffee connect logo

Their slogan – connecting people one cup at a time, is precisely what they are looking to achieve. Their aim is to provide a free hot drink and a chat in isolated, rural areas, for people who want to build connections within their community.

In time, they will also offer activities and events to teach, combat and help the potential loneliness and isolation that some people experience living within a rural area.

Rural Coffee Connect is under the umbrella of the community charity, Rural Community Council. For the last 90 years, their main aim has been to represent and support communities within Leicestershire and Rutland. This includes raising awareness, outreaching, community development, public consultancy and engagement.


rural coffee connect preview of van


“The ethos underpinning the work of our charity is clear. By bringing people together and supporting them to deliver locally-led solutions to the issues impacting their area we are helping to make rural communities across Leicestershire and Rutland happier, healthier, stronger, and more prosperous places to live and work.”

Are you ‘in the middle of nowhere?’

Out in the sticks with no café? Never fear; these guys bring awesome coffee to you. They have a brand new converted Barista Van, which is ready and raring to go.


rcc van


The van has been kitted out to be completely self-sufficient, needing no external power or water – so they can go anywhere. They may even be coming to a location near you soon as they will be touring the rural communities of Leicestershire and Rutland with different locations each week.

Not just any Coffee…

It’s Two Chimps Coffee – yay! And here at Two Chimps HQ, we are very proud to be working alongside this fantastic charity.

Currently being served by espresso machine is a single-origin coffee from Honduras. In the cup, you will find creamy and chocolatey notes with a small amount of apple-like acidity. Amy and her team can craft you a Cappucino, Latte, Flat White or Americano; whatever takes your fancy.



Also served is a super smooth and tasty decaffeinated coffee from Ethiopia. Decaffeinated using the sparkling water method, this chemical-free decaffeinated coffee still tastes like the real deal.


Amy and her team have visited Two Chimps HQ for barista training in anticipation of their first dates serving coffee soon. The best bit, however, is because Rural Coffee Connect is part of the troop, barista training is free. Yes, you read that right; barista training will always be free for wholesale coffee customers.


steaming milk


What we do

We hand roast ethically sourced speciality coffee to order; as fresh is definitely best. With this in mind, we contact the team at Rural Coffee Connect each week for their weekly coffee order and roast just what they need when they need it.


roaster being manually operated


Does Rural Coffee Connect sound like your cup of tea? For now, we’d recommend keeping an eye on their social media for more information about the team and their upcoming locations.

Sounds incredible, but can’t wait any longer for awesome coffee? Grab a bag of coffee to keep you going until they visit a village near you!

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