Is coffee by post as good as it sounds?

Hmmm, Is coffee by post as good as it sounds…..Of course it is!

Who doesn’t want freshly roasted coffee, delivered to their door? For free and without having to leave the sofa?! Anyone who says they don’t, can’t have tried freshly roasted coffee!


Roasted coffee beans being pushed around a coffee cooling bin


Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we specialise in small-batch hand-roasted coffee. We freshly roast multiple times each week, deliver for free and only grind on the day of dispatch.

We only source speciality coffee, and we ethically source this from single origin farms, cooperatives and estates worldwide. To bring you the freshest tasting and best cup of coffee each time, we only use the highest quality beans available

Ordering coffee online couldn’t be simpler too. We have a variety of delicious coffees for you to choose; all of which are available in different quantities from a 50g sample pack to a 1kg bag, and ground to suit your brew method or whole bean. Whatever device you use, whether it’s a home espresso machine and you need beans, or prefer a cafetiere and require ground coffee, you will find it all.

We currently hand roast six coffees to choose from, including a chemical free sparkling water decaffeinated coffee, plus there are aways some limited edition coffees available too!


Two Chimps Coffee Sample Bags Laying Flat


Fresh is best

Coffee by post assures you of the freshest coffee, and that starts with the coffee we source. As mentioned, we buy from small farms and cooperatives from around the globe. When we source coffee, we look to source enough to last us for 8 to 12 months for a main coffee, and just 2-4 months for a limited edition coffee. This way, even our green beans are at their freshest.

We store our green beans in a humidity-controlled environment to ensure the beans’ moisture content does not change over time. When a coffee is coming to an end, we source another to replace it. We always look for similar tasting notes, but never the same. So, if you like trying a different coffee every now and again, then coffee by post is definitely as good as it sounds! To add, if you fancy trying a different coffee each time you order, try our mystery subscription.  We will choose a different coffee each time for you. Winner!


mystery coffee subscription bag


We know that the freshest coffee is the best coffee, and once you’ve tasted fresh coffee, there is no going back. You’ll never find the delicious subtle flavours and mouthfeels that you find from fresh coffee in the supermarket because freshly roasted speciality coffee is a much better quality. If you enjoy your food & drink, don’t drink low-grade coffee from the supermarket that was probably roasted over six months ago! Drink the highest grade of speciality coffee, freshly roasted and delivered for free.

Need a little assistance? Each of our coffees has information about the origin of the coffee, how it was processed, what notes you will find in the coffee, and the roast style. This information will help you decide which coffee to try. If you’re still unsure, try our coffee wizard who can help you decide by answering a few questions about your coffee drinking habits. If you’re still in doubt, get in touch! We’re a friendly bunch!


Meet the team

Coffee Subscription

We also offer a coffee subscription; whereby you choose your favourite coffee in whole bean or ground and how often you would like to receive it; you don’t have to remember to order coffee ever again. If you require ground coffee, you can be happy knowing that we only grind your beans on the day of dispatch, which ensures you will receive the freshest coffee possible. Alternatively, if you require coffee beans, choose whole bean from the options instead. By having a coffee subscription, you get coffee by post regularly, at the frequency you select. Also, there is no contract, and you are free to leave whenever you choose too. You will be missed, however.

You can edit your coffee subscription in your account too;  whether it’s the frequency of delivery, the coffee choice or the grind size. Maybe you want to pause it for a week or two if you’re away? No problem, all of these changes can be made at your leisure at a time to suit you from your online account. You don’t have to talk to anyone! (You can if you like, we love to chat coffee! Please feel free to call if you need us.)


two chimps coffee enamel mug in gift box


Regular coffee by post takes the hassle out of buying your coffee. Once you’re set, you don’t have to think about it again! Going to the shops is a chore in itself. Especially when it is busy, or bad weather or you just plain don’t want to. Removing the coffee buying decision limits your time at the shop, it stops you from buying low grade coffee and it means you can get home quicker to enjoy a nice mug of freshly roasted coffee instead!


looking down onto latte art on a cup of two chimps coffee


Gift Subscription

Want to share the love? Tell your friends so they can see if coffee by post is as good as it sounds too. Alternatively, buy them a coffee gift subscription and keep the brownie points to yourself. A gift subscription can be delivered directly to the receiver, and the first order comes with a storage tin too.

A gift subscription works in the same way to our regular subscription, but with one main difference. Instead of a payment being taken at each delivery, one payment is taken at the start of the subscription. Just choose the desired length of the subscription, and it will time out at the end with no further cost to you, or the recipient.

What is nicer than receiving freshly roasted coffee each month as a gift? Wow, I hope my friends are reading this!


two chimps tin and bag of coffee in a gift box


Does all that sound good? Great! You’d better find out the name of your mail person because you’re going to be seeing a lot more of them from now on!


Order online before 12 noon, and we will dispatch your coffee by post the same day. Oh, and everything is delivered with Free 1st class delivery too.


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