Jungle Bells – 2020 Limited Edition Christmas Coffee

Christmas is going to be a little different this year.

We think that everyone deserves a little something special for persevering in 2020, and our Christmas Edition Coffee Jungle Bells is just that ??

Santa Says…” This will keep me going on Christmas Eve; marzipan and spiced apple as it cools. Merry Christmas!” ??

Christmas Edition Coffee

What’s in the name?

It’s the chimps version of jingle bells – Jungle Bells, Jungle Bells, Jungle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride on the coffee sleigh all day…. Yay! Yes; we are bonkers ?!

This years Christmas Coffee is a single origin, micro lot coffee from Turume, in Burundi. This washed coffee has mentions of Christmas cake and marzipan along with spiced apple as it cools. While this coffee tastes awesome in every device our favourites here at the roastery are an espresso machine, Aeropress and Moka pot.

Roast Style: Medium / Dark
Farm: 10 Farm Co-operative Turume
Varietal(s): Mixed
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1600 metres above sea level
Country: Burundi
Certificate: Speciality

Here at the Two Chimps Coffee, we roast by hand and in small batches multiple times each week to ensure that the coffee is always fresh. Fresh is best! All of our speciality coffees that we source and roast have their own, naturally occurring unique flavour and characteristics.

Coffee cherries

Where is Jungle Bells from?

South of the equator sits Burundi in central Africa. Within the country of Burundi is eighteen provinces, one of which is Kirundo. Within the province of Kirundo sits the commune of Ntega; a community of people sharing lives, spaces, values and beliefs. Established in 2018 by Mr Haruna, this small co-operative was established to bring together the farmers of Ntega, Kirundo.

This speciality coffee is grown at a high altitude of 1600 meters above sea level and cared for by the dedicated farmers within the small co-operative. Its ten members produce just 200 bags of coffee a season which is washed at the Mihigo mill, before being graded & exported.

Burundi coffee farm

Roasting Jungle Bells

We are proud to say that when it comes to hand roasted coffee, we never ‘over roast’. We use the roasting process to show off the natural flavours and aromas that are found within the coffee, rather than to mask them. When coffee is roasted too dark, the roast itself masks these flavours and aromas, and instead gives the coffee a bitter and burnt taste. Our coffees are all of the highest quality, which means we never have to hide their flavours as there is nothing bad to hide. Instead, we bring the natural flavours out!

Roasted coffee beans being pushed around a coffee cooling bin

The coffees we roast are never burnt or bitter. Instead, they are naturally sweet.

As we source all of our coffees from smaller farms and cooperatives, all the coffees we choose are very different from each other. Some are creamy and full bodied, whereas others are more fruity and light. The coffee farmers from across the globe put everything into producing an outstanding product for us. It’s only fair we do the same for you, right?

Coffee cherries

Giving Coffee at Christmas

Looking for something perfect for that special someone but can’t make up your mind? Not to worry, we have all of your gifting needs covered this Christmas ? Treat someone to a bag of Jungle Bells or one of our NEW Coffee Gift Sets. These come complete with a white presentation box, sticker seal and are finished with a hand-tied ribbon. Add a gift note when you checkout and we’ll print this for you too.

Two Chimps Coffee Gift Set

All of our Christmas gifts for Coffee (and Tea…and Hot Chocolate ?) lovers come with FREE First Class Delivery too.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bag of awesome freshly roasted Jungle Bells today!


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