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Keeping the nation’s troops caffeinated!


With many still working full time over lockdown and on the front line, we’ve helped support those workers by supplying freshly roasted coffee.


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Captain Josh Sanders of the 102 Logistics Brigade based in Grantham, contacted us with an idea to create a unique blend of Two Chimps Coffee, especially for the Brigade. As a current drinker of our coffee, he already knew what style he liked. Josh was keen to create something that could be enjoyed at work. He also wanted fresh coffee for colleagues to purchase and take home.

How it all began

Josh had always wanted to join the Army from a very young age and now as Captain, relishes the opportunity to lead and command soldiers. This includes travelling the world and the chance to do things that no one else does.

The British Army traces its roots back as far as 1660! 102 Logistic Brigade traces its origins to 102 Beach Sub-Area, Normandy, France. It was one of three formations raised in 1943 to operate logistics support operations across Juno Beach from D-Day until the Mulberry Artificial Harbours were operational. Once in place, the beach groups dispersed back to their original lines of communication.



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More recently, they have spent the last four months working in the Department of Health and Social Care. Mostly helping to run the government’s National Testing Programme for Covid-19. The Brigade will continue to supply troops to support operations across the world wherever and whenever equipment, logistic or medical support is needed.


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Knowing we’d be supplying soldiers with our hand-roasted coffee, we wanted to help create a unique blend together with Josh, using our knowledge to do so.

Let’s blend

With social distancing in place, we embarked on a virtual coffee cupping instead. We sent cupping bowls and unlabelled samples of our coffee to Josh. He then set up the cupping in their HQ in London. Vic, our wholesale manager, set up an identical coffee cupping in the Two Chimps HQ and over Zoom, managed to cup the coffees. Awesome! Once they’d narrowed it down to the ones they liked, we created a blend together. Their blend is a secret recipe, now closely guarded by the Army! What better hands to be in!?


Pouring water onto coffee in a cupping bowl


Josh and the team had created a unique blend; now all that was needed was a custom label to go with it. Using their signature logo, the halberd on an aquamarine background, they added a fitting name, The “102 Brew” – straight forward and to the point! Needless to say, the result was a resounding success. This brew is now enjoyed amongst the hardworking soldiers of 102 Log Bgd. There are currently 50 members based in Grantham and another 4000 soldiers in its ranks.

As well as only drinking Two Chimps Coffee, outside of the force, Josh enjoys keeping fit. This includes running, cycling and swimming for Triathlons. Josh also enjoys travelling the world when global pandemics allow and loves to spend time out and about with his girlfriend and walking their dog.


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