Limited Edition Coffee with Apple Fizz Flavours!

Introducing Autumn the Fourth, our new limited edition light roast coffee!


An Exclusive New Light Roast Coffee

Tastebuds got the fidgets? Mug calling for new flavours? Try our exceptional new limited edition coffee! This freshly roasted flavour bomb is sure to impress. It’s got notes of apple, strawberry and almond and boasts a snazzily different processing method – it’s a starter culture coffee!

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limited-edition two chimps coffee with tin and lady drinking from a black cup



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Tell Me About The Taste

But first, let’s set the scene with the FLAVOUR. And, trust us, those Caps Locks are well deserved. This limited edition coffee has BAGS OF taste.

Autumn the Fourth is where it’s at if you want a cup that’s bright and fresh. It puts a spring in your step with feel-good flavours of strawberry and apple fizz, and keeps things smooth with its lush chocolatey body. Team this with its notes of almond (they remind us of frangipane!), and you’ve got an impeccable new light roast for your coffee break.

We know mugs can’t write. But if they could, they’d tell you that this freshly roasted coffee is UTTERLY DELICIOUS.

And, yes, they’d put it in capitals.




Meet the farmers

We sourced this exquisite microlot coffee from Veracruz in eastern Mexico. A fun little fact byte for you: this is where coffee was first grown when farmers brought it to the country from the Caribbean! Coffee growing continues to be a central part of the culture in Veracruz. Pay a visit towards the close of the harvest, and you’ll be greeted by the La Viuda Del Café celebrations. This coffee festival, the name of which translates to ‘Coffee’s Widow’, honours the coffee plants after the harvest. They’re said to be lonely until ‘courted’ by new coffee crops next year! Awwwww, bless…

The Sampieri and Zili families grow your Autumn the Fourth beans. Both families farm in Huatusco in Veracruz. The Sampieris have been based in this rugged, mountainous region since 1920, while Bernardo Zili continually gains high accreditation scores on his Rainforest Alliance-certified farm, Tlacotla. The best in the business? You bet!


Holding red coffee cherries in palm of hand



Freshly Roasted Starter Culture Coffee

This limited edition coffee is a first at Two Chimps. It’s just another reason why we’re so ridiculously excited. Alongside that apple frangipane flavour, of course…

Why is it special? Because it’s our first starter culture coffee! This means that the coffee processing stage involves a starter culture, a specifically created mixture of microbial cultures. Generally, the coffee fermentation part of the washed process is only down to compounds already in the coffee. In snazzy starter culture coffee, however, the growers add a special microbiological culture. This alters some aspects of fermentation, adjusting it to make the coffee flavour even better. In Autumn the Fourth, the culture extends the fermentation time two-to-three times over. This boosts its fruity sweetness and gives it one utterly delectable aroma!

Forget Chanel No 4… it’s all about Autumn the 4th now!




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Limited edition

We’re a lively bunch at Two Chimps – we’re always sourcing new coffees for you to brew! Our seasonal sourcing means all our coffees change at least once a year. But our limited editions? They’re a bit more exclusive – we say cheerio to each one after just a few months!

Brew a TC limited edition, and expect something a little more interesting and diverse. It’ll surprise you with curiously different flavour combos, or tasting notes that had never crossed your mind! Our limited editions tend to come from experimental microlots. This is why they don’t stick around for long – there’s only a small amount of the coffee in existence!

The clock’s ticking, folks. Grab a bag now and try your first starter culture coffee!


Container of red coffee cherries




Where Does the Name Come From?

Henry the Eighth, Charles the Third… Autumn the Fourth?

What’s the name all about? This apple fizz coffee celebrates the birth of Andy and Laura’s new baby girl, Autumn! Autumn is the fourth chimp. Big Bro Felix was the third (remember our Felix the Third coffee?), so little Autumn is no 4.

And, you know how it is when you have kids… if you do something for one you have to do it for the other.

So, an Autumn the Fourth coffee it had to be!


A Bag of speciality coffee with a white Two Chimps label

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