Making Coffee at Work

Hey, nine-till-fivers, looking to make better coffee in the office? Here’s three coffee brewers to get you going!


breakfast set up with a cafetiere of two chimps coffee


Coffee at work: let’s do it right!

Does the thought of your 9.03am coffee make the commute bearable? Are afternoons unheard of without a 3pm brew?

Whichever way you look at it, coffee gets us through the day. So make it something special with freshly roasted speciality beans. Instant coffee, begone, because your coffee break just got a thousand times better!

Awesome brews start with beans and brewers. Big tick to the first – check out our online shop for scrummy coffees in abundance – but what about the second? Taste and brew time are your priority when it comes to choosing your office device. As is easy cleanness – you don’t want to be the one leaving the communal kitchen in a mess. That’s so uni student…


white v60 coffee dripper sitting on a plastic container with brewed coffee in


What’s the point of brewing better?

Upgrading your office coffee maker will transform your team (yes, really). No longer will they be running off insipid instant cups; now, you and your happy staff can stay caffeinated in the tastiest, freshest way possible! Forget costly prizes and employee incentives, THIS is the way to get them running through the door in the morning!

As well as saving you money, choosing fresh coffee for the office will help you meet your eco goals. Replace wasteful single cups and overpriced vending machine brews with speciality coffee ground just for you. And everyone loves a loony coffee mug, don’t they? Sooooo much more interesting than those polystyrene cups.


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Need quick coffee? Espresso away.

Invest in a shiny espresso machine and you’ll make your office kitchen the most in-demand barista destination. Espresso machines make espresso-based drinks (lattes, cappuccinos and the like) in seconds. They are the go-to device for staff not blessed with the early bird gene. Espressos are intense, rich and almost buttery in texture. They’ve got a high coffee-to-water ratio, so grab one for a supercharged morning at the keyboard!

Most people enjoy a medium/dark roast in their espresso machine. Why not give Don’t Poke the Bear a go at your next team meeting? We think it’ll be a winner.


portafilter in front of a sage espresso machine


Amazing every day with AeroPress coffee

Have you got a single caffeine head in the office? Someone who can always do with another cup? Pop an AeroPress in the cupboard and you’ll make them very happy. The AeroPress coffee maker was invented in 2005 and is ideal for speedy single cups. No need to hang around: in just a couple of minutes, you’ll have a smooth, fairly strong coffee sporting a full body and low acidity. Don’t fret about the mess, either. The plunger wipes the chamber when you brew, so all you need to do is rinse the parts under the tap ready for when your next coffee break comes calling…


AeroPress and red mug


Winning with a V60

The Hario V60 is the coffee brewer to make your office kitchen look cool. It’s not the best for quick, grab-and-go cups, but is well worth the wait if you’ve got five minutes to spare. The V60 coffee dripper is a filter device, which means it uses gravity rather than pressure to extract your coffee. The resulting cup will be smooth, clean and dancing with every last crumb of coffee flavour. Because this is the way all the best speciality cafes brew their beans.

Why not grab a Hario V60 Gift Set for everything you need to get going? Jug, dripper, scoop, filters and freshly roasted coffee – all present and correct!


Using swan neck kettle to pour water into a v60 dripper


Subscribing your way to happy staff

You’ve got an awesome brewer. You go to make your long-awaited coffee but then, ohhhh no, it’s all run out…

Save the team from caffeine-craving days by setting up a bespoke coffee subscription with Two Chimps. You’ll receive hand-roasted, freshly ground coffee delivered straight to your workplace door. Whether you’ve got a superhero team of two or a whole office to keep caffeinated, we can customise your plan to suit your needs. Set up your personalised subscription and sit back, because we’re here to keep your team topped up with the very finest coffee!


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