Meet Vic, Our New Wholesale Coffee Manager

Hello, I’m Vic; the newest chimp.

I’m really excited to be working with Andy & Laura and being part of the Chimp family.


vic from two chimps coffee


I love a good cup of speciality coffee! You can often find me in a local coffee shop checking out the brew. I always try and seek out the best coffee whenever I visit a city, so here are a few of my fave places. Off the Beaten Path in Melton, Speciality Coffee in Nottingham, Kaffeine in London and Kaf Coffee in Glasgow, although, that’s a bit of a trek just for a cup of coffee.

I’ve not come too far to join Two Chimps. I’ve been working in Braunston & Oakham, making charcuterie for 4 years and so, this is something completely different. I worked for a big, worldwide company for 12 years and I’ve realised I love working for small, local, independent businesses, as I like being part of a small team and seeing the business grow.


inside the tasting room at two chimps coffee


A bit about me

I’m originally from Melton and live there with my 3 boys – Alan, Jacob & Will. 2 of them are dogs, can you guess which ones?!  When I’m not working I’m usually cooking, eating or thinking about food. My favourite restaurant is Hitchen’s Barn in Oakham but I am slightly biased as I also work there part-time too.

I really enjoy good wine which works perfectly with my food obsession. My ideal day would be to visit a city and search out the best breakfast, coffee, cake, deli & lunch venues and spend all-day grazing. I can never get enough of eating out, the anticipation of what delicacies the menu holds!


cup of coffee on the table



I recently visited The Highlands & Skye for a week and ate some amazing food such as fresh seafood, fished out of the loch that day, along with slow reared chicken that tasted…like chicken! It’s now one of my top places of all time and can’t wait to go back.

When I was 25, I went travelling around the world on my own for 9 months and discovered some wonderful food, and some not so wonderful… BBQ’d guinea pig, anyone..? I also visited a coffee farmer who showed me the whole process which is where my appreciation & understanding of coffee started. Colombia was one of my favourite countries to visit, purely for the diversity of the country and how nice the locals were.


a yellow mug on a coffee table



I also love…

I’m also a huge music lover. This kept me going whilst travelling alone. I’ve been to Glastonbury 3 times already and still want to go back! I don’t have a favourite artist because I love some many different genres, but anything that will get me up dancing is a winner. A stand out gig for me was last year when I went to see Lauryn Hill’s 20th anniversary of Miseducation with my best girls who I used to listen to this album with, over and over, 20 years ago! It was a true musical moment.

Well, that’s a little bit about me.

Can’t wait to meet our clients and please, feel free to ask me questions!




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