New! Artisan Coffee for All-Day Drinking

27th October 2022

You’ll ape-solutely love this artisan roast coffee from Brazil!

Brand New Speciality Coffee for your Mug!

You guys love our pink-labelled coffees. Creamy and smooth, they’re the BEST for all-day brewing!

Guess what? We’re launching a new one! And it’s seriously cool. Mellow like milk chocolate and delicately zesty, we’re making no apologies for its moreish-ness! 🍫🍊


What are the colours all about?

A Smooth, Artisan Roast Coffee

Say hooowdy to Baboon in an Air Balloon, our brand new all-day coffee! It’s a real people-pleaser; great whatever the time of day and whatever kind of coffee you like! Looking for a gift for coffee lovers? Here it is. Delivered to their door on a gold-rimmed plate. Well, in a Two Chimps bag, which is obviously better (it’s fully recyclable).

So, what does Baboon in an Air Balloon taste like? What glorious flavour awaits? Well, coffee lover, LOTS. Because this freshly roasted coffee brings flavour by the bucketload!

Take a sip and sink into the dreamy duo of soft orange and chocolate. And not just any chocolate, oh no, but super smooth, cozily creamy milk chocolate. Gently zesty orange and velvety milk choc… need we say more?

Yes, as it happens. Because sweet touches of raisin complete this scrummy artisan coffee! Heaven.

This Coffee is From… Brazil!

Olá! We sourced your Baboon in an Air Balloon beans from Brazil, the world’s largest arabica coffee producer.

But Brazil’s a big country (understatement). So we need to get specific.

Really specific. We source these speciality coffee beans from the Fazenda Santa Hedwirges in Sul de Minas, Brazil. Fazenda Santa Hedwirges is a fourth-generation coffee farm currently owned by Hugo Brito. They grow some of the best coffee varietals, from Yellow Catuai and Arara to Topázio and Mundo Novo. Want to know what coffee DNA runs through the veins of Baboon in an Air Balloon? It’s… Topázio!


get clued up on coffee varietals here!

Innovating Their Way to Awesome Speciality Coffee!

Hugo Brito is bringing Fazenda Santa Hedwirges bang up-to-date with uber-advanced technologies. Seriously, their computer programs would make Steve Jobs take off his metaphorical hat. The team researched new coffee drying methods for four years before finalising their static box approach. This (really) clever method allows them to dry the beans at a slow, steady pace in precise conditions. They turn it daily, too, to ensure every bean gets tip-top treatment.


Well… what else does artisan coffee deserve?


How Do I Drink It?

Any way you like! We’re not into preachy stuff at Two Chimps, telling you you must brew x way or use y coffee. That just ain’t how we groove. You know your tastebuds best, after all!

Whether you’re an AeroPress expert or can’t get enough of your cafetiere, this irresistible Brazilian coffee will make a stellar brew!

Fancy a top tip? Take your Baboon in an Air Balloon coffee to the next level by brewing it in a filter device or cafetiere. As a medium roast, this coffee is slightly less suited to pressure methods like espresso machines, which tend to draw out acidity. That’s not to say your Baboon won’t make an awesome espresso (it will!) – just that filter or cafetiere might be a teeny bit tastier!

Where does the Baboon come in?

Question. Why the dickens would we call a coffee Baboon in an Air Balloon??  🤔🤔

Answer (quick dash over to Receptionist Amy, who came up with the name 🏃‍♀️).

Well, coffee lover, this dreamy chocolate coffee tastes so good that it sweeps you off your feet. To a place where skunks do the salsa and cats eat cupcakes… And you see baboons in balloons!


Right. Glad we cleared that up. 👍

Get your new favourite anytime coffee right now!


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