New Fresh Ground Coffee for your Morning Cup!

27th March 2023

Fresh, pre-ground coffee you’ll love!

Need something to get you up in the morning? Other than a shower and brrring-ing alarm clock? Need something delicious??

Try this fresh ground coffee!

Our BRAND NEW morning coffee is a blissful balance of toffee-like flavours. It’s punchy enough to get you going (goooodbye, bleary eyes), but still packed with lush natural sweetness. It is, in short, your BF in the AM!

Delicious Taste

Whether it’s fresh coffee beans or fresh ground coffee you’re craving, My Morning Allama is the one for you. This Colombian coffee is awesomely balanced and temptingly toffee-ish. We’ve kept the roast medium/dark to bring out its golden caramel goodness without saying goodbye to those pome fruit flavours! You can’t beat the crunchy-sweet taste of apple and Conference pear with swirly caramel…

Ooooh… toffee and pear… Move aside, Mr Toffee Apple, this is our new favourite flavour combo!

This moreish coffee tops things off with a cheeky zing of lime. It’s the final flourish – and a flippin’ good one!

Where does my morning coffee grow?


Fun fact, did you know that this fresh coffee is named after a volcano? Because it ERUPTS with flavour.

… and because the name (Colombia ‘Dulima’) comes from the local Tolima volcano. Indigenous people nearby called it ‘Dulima,’ meaning Snow Queen, because of its wintry peaks and towering height. The coffee was developed in 2009 to embody the essence of top-class south Huilan coffee, and we think they’ve done a mighty fine job!

Huila is a premium coffee-growing region – one of the best in Colombia. It’s widely noted for its awesome coffee climate and for being the first Colombian department to start coffee production. Its high altitudes, mountainous landscape, and mineral-rich soil create conditions every arabica tree adores! This cracking clime gives naturally sweet coffee beans brimming with sweet-acidity flavour!


Take me to the coffee!

What Makes this Morning coffee special?

Every TC coffee is fresh, fun and packed to the rafters with flavour. Choosing is well-nigh impossible. We understand… that’s why we colour-code our labels according to taste and time of day. We’ll treat you to a little list:


  • Morning coffee: blue and yellow labels (bright morning sky and yellow sunshine)
  • All-day coffee: pink and green labels (colours of nature and green fields)
  • Evening coffee: purple and orange labels (sunsety tones)
  • Limited edition coffees: Red and white labels (because… ummm, we like red and white?)

We’re a logical bunch, aren’t we?


Check out the range



Fresh ground coffee for morning calling your name? Try the yellow or blue label. My Morning Allama is our new blue. Our cerulean celeb. Our cobalt-coloured… crush?

Seasonal sourcing means the Two Chimps range changes, but the blue coffee is always punchy with caramelised, chocolatey notes. It’s sweet-but-not-too-sweet, strong enough to get you out of bed without ever, ever being bitter.

The yellow coffee is a bit different. It’s got the wellie-wanging strength, but with a touch more acidity. Think berries and brightness rather than caramel fudge. We’re fair mummies and daddies so don’t have a favourite, but you totally can! Try them both and find it!

Fresh ground coffee or crackin’ coffee beans

Fresh coffee is best. And by fresh, we mean CRAZILY fresh. Picked at peak ripness. Freshly roasted throughout the week. Sent wholebean or ground for you on the day of dispatch. You can’t get much fresher than this!

My Morning Allama is delicious however you brew. So whether it’s coffee beans or fresh ground coffee in your house, you’re only getting the best with Two Chimps: hand-picked arabica coffee roasted fresh in Rutland! Crikey, it’s the bomb!

Sorry, alarm clock, you’re properly sacked now. THIS is way tastier!


Ground or wholebean: which to choose?

Freshly roasted coffee for your morning mug – get it now!


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