New Guatemalan Coffee

We’ve done it again: give a wave to our new Guatemalan Coffee!

We’ve been roasting up something special at Two Chimps HQ, but this time, knitting needles have been involved in crafting this special brew….… we’re only joking. It’s just another one of our wacky names! We have roasted, by hand, in small batches, a new Guatemalan coffee wa-hoo! This uber beautiful speciality coffee has a silky milk chocolate texture with a warming sweetness of caramel. But it doesn’t stop there. This brew is topped with notes of acidity from apples & cherries, yum! Grab a mug; you’re going to want to try this!


New Green Coffee


How did we think of this name?

At Two Chimps, we are always looking for new ways to aid our carbon-reducing plan, with the most recent efforts coming from Head Chimp Andy with a new cycle-to-work scheme. When Rutland gives us a break from storms, rain and wind, Andy is on his bike cycling to work. As choosing a bike is a critical life decision (or so we’ve been told), the ongoing joke is that it’s taken him so long to choose the right colour; he could have knitted it himself! With this, our new green coffee name, “Freshly Knitted Bicycle”, was born!


Where does the coffee come from?

We loved our beans from Jabrui in our last roast so much that we’ve done it again! So why do we love this coffee so much? These beans have been grown in the Huehuetenango region in Guatemala, soaking up all the incredible qualities this area offers. Most of the land within these mountains is north-facing, which restricts the coffee cherry’s time with natural sunlight. This slows down the fruit’s interaction with the sun, creating a sweeter, rounder and fuller-tasting coffee in the cup. These are the sort of awesome flavours we loveeeee at Two Chimps.




The harvesting process:

Smallholder farmers process the coffee with around 1-4 hectares each. When perfectly ripe, the cherries are picked, and the seeds (coffee beans) are removed and left overnight to ferment. This allows that final bit of cherry flesh to break down, making the washing process more straightforward. Once washed, the beans are sundried using any available flat land area where they can get plenty of sun exposure. Due to the location of these mountains’ north-facing regions, they have to get creative using rooftops and patio areas. After they are dried, the beans are transported to Farmer Centers, a one-stop shop supporting numerous farmers, providing stable market access for all remote communities. These also act as training centres providing information on good agricultural practices (GAP) and harvesting techniques!


Coffee Sun drying


Want to know more about this fantastic new green coffee? Here’s all the details:

Roast Style: Medium

Location: Jabiru

Varietal(s): Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Pache

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 1500 – 1800 metres above sea level

Country: Guatemala

Certification: Speciality

Score: 84


Don’t take as long as Andy did picking his bike, order today!

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