New light and fruity coffee? Yes, please.

Get morning ready with the new yellow roast ‘Smile at the Yawners’. Trust us. You won’t be yawning after a cup of this phenomenal brew.


Yawn at the Smilers light and fruity Coffee


Where does this new light and fruity coffee come from?

These beans were grown in the Rwenzori Mountains, located at the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda has produced Arabica coffee for over a century (blimely); the climate, rich soils, and tropical rainfall make regions like the Rwenzori’s ideal for growing superior beans- our favourite type! The altitude is an essential key factor in coffee quality. Higher altitudes provide cooler climates, slowing growing times and allowing the beans to develop more complex, deeeelish flavours. With the Rwenzori Mountains being Africa’s 3rd highest mountain range, with 70% of the area being 2,500  metres above sea level, the Rwenzori region has this covered. Is there no end to its awesomeness?

However, historically, coffee from this area had a poor reputation. Poor farming and processing caused the cherries to lose their tip-top quality during exportation. The company Agri Evolve made it their mission to change this!


Who are Agri Evolve?

Agri Evolve is a profit-for-purpose business working hand in hand with farmers in Uganda, striving to improve agricultural education in farmers. Ultimately, improving farming practices creates a higher quality crop and yield and provides a steady income benefiting themselves, their families and their communities. Top-notch stuff!

In 2018, Agri Evolve started working with Kyagalanyi Coffee, a coffee exporting company that has been operating in Uganda for 20 years. They admitted that the Rwenzori region had the potential to produce better-quality beans with the support from Agri Evolve- a challenge they couldn’t refuse! Subsequently, the farmers learnt good agricultural practices such as pruning, stamping and harvesting. Once collected, the farmers take their fresh, ripe cherries to Agri Evolve’s buyer centres all over the mountain range. Once transported to the central processing station, the cherries, using modern technology, are prepared to the highest standards. The beans are ready to be shipped worldwide, including to us at Two Chimps! After we work our roasting magic (no, seriously, we have Harry Potter on speed dial), Here it is, our Smile and the Yawners uber-beautiful light and fruity coffee. Ta-Dah!

png bag of new two chimps coffee uganda


Want to know more? Here’s all the details.

Roast Style: Light & Fruity

Location: Rwenzori Mountains

Varietal(s): SL14 & SL28

Processing: Full Washed

Altitude: 1800 – 2000 metres above sea level

Country: Uganda

Certification: Speciality

Score: 84.25


Whether you’re looking for a light, fruity whole bean coffee or fresh ground coffee, Smile at the Yawners is the answer to your prayers!


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