Our best-selling Nicaraguan Orange Coffee has a new roast!

Hello, New Orange Coffee; Welcome to the Two Chimps troop!

We are delighted to have such a beautiful brew joining the team. This medium-dark roast is every coffee lover’s dream, roasted in small batches by hand to create those flavours that make you go mmmm, ahhhh, at first sip. This awesome speciality coffee has a creamy, full-bodied feel with swirls of chocolate and caramel. Perfect with or without milk at any time of the day, going hand in hand with chocolate digestive. Where does this name come from, you ask? We often ask ourselves this question at this crazy treehouse we call Two Chimps. What time will I grow up? Well, around here, we hope never! Sounds perfect, right? We think it’s time to pop the kettle on.


What Time Will I Grow Up Coffee


Our beans from our previous orange coffee were hard to beat. Ultimately, we couldn’t resist and went back for more Nicaraguan beans- they just create the best cup of joe! These originate from Matagalpa, the second-largest coffee region in the country. Olam (our coffee supplier) has a network of 25 buying points, allowing the most rural communities and farmers access. Altitudes in Matagalpa range from 700-1400 metres above sea level, with temperatures from 15 oC and 32 oC. Subsequently, these environmental factors are ideal as they provide the ultimate yin-yang combo for post-harvesting processes such as prolonged fermentations and daily microbial activity.

One of the very cool things about these beans is that the whole process of harvesting and preparing these beans is carried out almost exclusively by women. This is all due to the Café Delas programme.


What is the Café Delas programme?

This programme was created to help female farmers access resources, knowledge, and growth opportunities. According to the United Nations, if female farmers had the same access to resources as men, the increase in production would decrease world hunger by 150 million. That’s crazy! In 2015, Covoya partnered with the IWCA (International Women Coffee Alliance) to manage ‘Coffee Flowers’ a program created to promote equality for women in the Brazilian coffee industry. After establishing the importance of empowering woman in the coffee industry and the positive impacts on their livelihood, Covoya founded the Café Delas programme.

Generally, it is men who primarily own and control the coffee industry, but the Café Delas programme is taking action to change this. Surprisingly, it is not necessarily the absence of female farmers that causes this gender imbalance; stereotypical norms are also coming into play. Women typically reinvest most of their earnings into managing their households and communities. Café Delas coffee is sourced from farming operations owned by women or farms with a female workforce and sold at a 5% premium. This is shared directly with the farmers as cash or equipment. Furthermore, they also provide agricultural training to increase the quality of the beans and sustainable harvesting practices. Undoubtedly, this is drastically changing the coffee game, and every time you buy a bag of our coffee, you support Café Delas! High five!


How are these beans processed?

The harvest begins at sunrise when an all-female workforce hand-picks the perfectly ripe coffee cherries, continuing until 3 pm. The fruit is then transported to wet mills, where they are weighed and manually pulped (the beans are removed from the cherry flesh). The coffee beans are left to ferment aerobically, with no water, overnight for about 10-12 hours, depending on the farm’s altitude and weather conditions. This process allows the beans to develop amazing complex flavours (our favourite).

Once the beans reach their fermentation point, they are rinsed and immediately bagged as wet parchment before being sent to Olam’s buying agency. Here, they are sundried on tarps covering 31 hectares of land. After 8-11 days, they reach the perfect humidity percentage of 12%. Once dried, the milled coffee is cupped to test the flavours and left in warehouses to develop further. It’s then shipped to us at Two Chimps to roast and cup ourselves. We try a few variations to extract the best flavour from these phenomenal beans, and there you have it! An uber-beautiful bag of What Time Will I Grow Up.


Coffee Beans Sun drying


Want to know more? Here’s all the details:

Roast Style: Medium/Medium Dark

Location: Matagalpa

Varietal(s): Caturra, Catuai & Parainema

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 800-1000 metres above sea level

Country: Nicaragua

Certification: Speciality

Score: 83.25


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