Our First Anaerobic Fermentation Coffee is here!

Attention all sweet-toothed coffee lovers, this one is for you.

This brew is for all coffee fans craving those flavours from their favourite childhood sweetshop. Get ready to taste those nostalgic strawberry milkshakes with the richness of treacle and a dash of black wine gums created using anaerobic fermentation. Before we explain this coffee’s awesomeness, the first question must be, how did we name this roast? Well, Raves, Sadden and Wildcats is the what3words location for the farm in Kateshi, which grew these delicious coffee beans.


Raves, Sadden, Wildcats anaerobic fermentation coffee

What is anaerobic fermentation?

Can coffee really have notes of treacle and wine gums? Thanks to anaerobic fermentation, it can! This sounds like a rather complicated process, but it is rather clever and straightforward. These beans will experience a unique fermentation process, leaving the coffee cherries in an airtight container for 72 hours. This causes the natural sugars in the cherries to break down and combine with the coffee beans, resulting in a sweet and fruity flavour. (we told you it wasn’t as confusing as it sounds!) Once removed from these containers, the beans are sun-dried on raised beds and sent to us to turn into our Two Chimps limited edition.


Why try it?

If you crave a bit of sweetness in your brew without adding any artificial flavours or sugar, this is the one for you! Say goodbye to the burnt bitter aftertaste of over-roasted supermarket instant blends, and hello to Two Chimps. The coffee’s sweet, fruity undertones are naturally created, with speciality arabica beans hand-picked to ensure peak ripeness. Combined with the anaerobic fermentation process, we create delicious layers of flavour highlighted in the roasting.



png image of new two chimps coffee

All the details!

Roast profile – Light/Medium

Location – Kateshi Estate

Country – Zambia

Processing – Natural Anaerobic

Our Fave Brew Device – Cafetiere / Filter


Have we convinced you yet? Go on, give it a try.

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Charlotte Dibble

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Charlotte joined Two Chimps after completing her BA Hons in Graphic Communication and Illustration at Loughborough University. She also earned two diplomas: Art and Design Foundation and Professional Studies.

What Charlotte does outside of the treehouse:
In her spare time, Charlotte is a keen baker and loves to bring delicious treats for the team to enjoy during their Monday tea break. Charlotte likes to practice her drawing and painting skills to relax, usually with one of her cats sitting on her lap to keep her company!

Charlotte says…
“I’m thrilled to join the Two Chimps Troop after five years of studying. I get to write blogs, design, manage social media, and connect with our amazing customers every day. It’s always exciting, and I learn something new every day!”

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