Introducing our BRAND SPANKING NEW must-try coffee, La Cabana – the best Colombian coffee.


From Colombia, this naturally processed coffee has a special little something hidden under its bean!

La Cabana is named after the farm in Huila, Colombia, where this coffee is grown. The soil is fertile and consistent year round, so La Cabana can grow and harvest exceptional coffees on their 40 hectare farm.

However, this coffee has its own extra special charm to set it apart from others.

This coffee has been naturally dried in the sun, which results in a fruity funk like no other. After being dried, this coffee has experienced an anaerobic fermentation for 200 hours – an experimental and new process which adds even more specialness to this unique coffee.

Now, on to the taste. You’ll find floral notes and tangs of strawberry and grapefruit which float on a dreamy, chocolatey cloud – yum!

Our head Roaster, Andy, has expertly roasted this in even smaller batches to make this coffee truly unique.

This coffee is a roasted light to highlight it’s floral fruity notes – best suited to a filter or cafetiere, however enjoy as you wish.

Once roasted, this coffee will be weighed into 250g bags, ground to order (if required), finished in a Two Chimps tin, and wrapped with information galore. Look carefully at your tin wrap to find your unique number. That’s right, each bag will be numbered out of 110 because there will only ever be 110 bags of this coffee available… EVER.

If you are a coffee lover, this is something to get your hands on.

Or perhaps you know someone passionate about coffee? This is the gift for that coffee lover!


When it’s gone, it’s gone. 110 and counting… what number will you get….number 10 or perhaps number 110?

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