Our Speciality Coffees

Here at Two Chimps Coffee, our speciality coffees are ever-changing.

At any time, we have a selection of six amazing coffees available, along with seasonal specials and the odd limited edition blend. Each of our speciality coffees that we source and roast holds its own, naturally occurring unique flavour and characteristics. For instance, one of our speciality coffees may have a biscuit sweetness whereas another might be lighter and fruity.

Sourcing Coffee

Our speciality coffees are sourced from small farms, single estates and smaller co-operatives from around the world. While we always aim to source a few coffees from well known producing countries, such as Colombia and Brazil; we are always on the hunt for new and exciting coffees from lesser known coffee producing countries too. Previously, we have had samples of coffees from Timor, Uganda and Papua New Guinea to name just a few.


El Cipres Coffee Farm Costa Rica



Our speciality coffees change with the coffee harvest seasons. As mentioned, we source from small farms and single estates. These coffee farmers produce some amazing lots of coffee, but when the harvest is gone, it’s gone. This, in turn, leads to our hunt for a new coffee every eight to twelve months.

During the time of choosing a new coffee, we request samples of speciality coffee from our importers. We use a process known as coffee cupping which allows us to taste the differences between each coffee sample on the table. All the sample coffees are brewed in the same way, using the same brew ratio; they are all therefore tested fairly. Upon agreement, we will place our order and our latest speciality coffee is born.

We keep the colours of the labels the same as its predecessor so you can easily recognise the coffee that you adore. While the colour stays the same, we do change the origin and tasting notes on the label, along with choosing a crazy new name.


Our Speciality Coffee Being Tasted

Planning The Roast

Once the new coffee arrives with us here at Two Chimps Towers, we need to design its profile, or recipe. Before we even start to heat the roaster, we record information about the bean which will help us in our roasting quest. Information such as the altitude it was grown at, the density and the moisture content of the green coffee bean are all useful snippets of information.

We will also decide on the roast style we are wanting. For example, if we are roasting for a filter coffee, we would often choose to roast lighter to highlight the natural acidity found within the beans.


Roast Profiles

Our coffees are roasted in different roast styles to suit the brew method that they are designed for. Three are roasted lighter to highlight fruitier notes, such as a lemon acidity, or the sweetness of pineapple. The remaining three are roasted slightly darker to bring out other natural flavours such as chocolate and nut.

The coffees in each roast style are grouped together with particular brewing devices in mind too. Our current selection of speciality coffees are mentioned below. For example:

‘Ready, Set, Bananas’, ‘How Many Is A Brazilian?’ and ‘Starry Eyed’ have been crafted with a cafetiere or filter brew method in mind.

‘Captain Caffeination’, ‘Box of Frogs’ and ‘The Kittens Onesie’ have been crafted with an Espresso machine, Moka pot or Aeropress in mind.

The coffees are then paired up and matched to a time of day. For example:

‘Ready, Set, Bananas’ and ‘Captain Caffeination’ are designed for the morning.

‘Box of Frogs’ and ‘How Many Is A Brazilian’ are designed for all-day drinking.

‘The Kittens Onesie’ and ‘Starry Eyed’ are relaxing and comforting evening coffees.


coffee mug orange


You don’t have to stick to our guidelines. These are merely suggestions to help you on your way to coffee greatness. Please feel free to experiment as you wish.

If you want to enjoy The Kittens Onesie as a cafetiere coffee in the morning – then go for it.

How do we choose a coffee for a particular time of day?

Both of our morning coffees have a fruity punch, for that good kick we all need in the morning. Our daytime coffees are both smooth and sweet, ideal for an all-day coffee session. Our evening coffees are awesome too. One is roasted slightly darker, which goes great with desserts and the other is a chemical free decaffeinated coffee for those bedtime brews.


cafetiere and coffee

Limited Editions

From time to time, we source and roast an extra coffee too. These limited editions will have a shorter run than the run for our six coffees. If you want to try something different, keep an eye out for news as to when these limited edition single origins or custom coffee blends will hit the shelves.

And lastly, here at the roastery, we roast by hand and in small batches multiple times each week to ensure that the coffee is always fresh.



So there you have it, a little insight into our speciality coffees. You can find out complete and up to date range online.

So, what are you waiting for… get your hands on some before it’s all gone!

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